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Rachel C (br) wrote: Not really so horrible. Don't think there is even a storyline as it just seem to be a bloody one. Everything is predictable. And no idea why they like to kill people like this?!

Kirk E (mx) wrote: If only it was for real!

Isabelle A (br) wrote: A man takes a road trip with his son and grandson to fullfill his father's wishes.

Lee M (jp) wrote: If you share my aversion to smart alecky riddles, then this is a hard movie to recommend -- but it's easy enough to sit through.

Lee B (mx) wrote: A low rent type documentary that doesn?t do much but profile exotic dancers and make you want to do a psych eval on the filmmaker. It does do a nice job of capturing the different personalities that could inhabit a strip club, gentleman?s club, whatever they are called ? but I think that may have been more luck of the draw from the filmmaker. There are a couple of nice scenes and a tragic coda to one story, but not much on either end for this. Despite a very squeamish and non-titillating sense I have for the subject when sober, I always have an interest in the personalities and I was good friends with a girl in college who had all of her friends moving to Houston to become dancers and she would always talk with me about going to try to convince herself. I always think of these ghosts of my past as little-girl-losts and wonder if I could solve the puzzle now ? but I guess not through documentaries like this.

Apurba S (es) wrote: My favorite actor Keanu Reeves's French-Canadian accent sounds perfect; Nice Movie Anyway!

Mireille B (fr) wrote: I've heard the name of Peau d'ne before but I didn't know it was a tale from Charles Perrault. I can't tell if it's a great adaptation but I can say it's a magnificent and pretty movie. Catherine Deneuve is shining as always. The costumes and the locations are all greatly chosen and brings a lot to the story. I just loved the world of Peau d'ne.

Richard B (kr) wrote: This has to be the worst film ever, through terrible cgi, shocking acting, hilarious incorrect information such as there's a code for the autopilot no one seems to know to the military personal getting the aircraft wrong. Absolutely shocking, avoid if you can

Michael R (it) wrote: Burt Reynolds was a good director! His vice cop char. extracts a slave chick from the clutches of her handlers- politicians and the mob- and tries to find love. Nice soundtrack assembly of famous jazz players.