Adam & Steve

Adam & Steve

Follows two New York city couples -- one heterosexual and one gay who explore the peaks and the valleys of their respective relationships.

Follows two New York city couples -- one heterosexual and one gay who explore the peaks and the valleys of their respective relationships. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David H (es) wrote: Not a bad true-crime film, complete with the requisite nobody-to-somebody-to-kingpin-to-outsider arc. Lots of memorable scenes, a great cast, and a coherent story.One thing that I can't seem to shake is how much this seems like a movie prequel to The Wire. The main character, Ace Boogie (initials A.B.) is played by Wood Harris, the actor who played drug kingpin Avon Barksdale (initials also A.B.) in The Wire. Ace Boogie starts as an innocent, then is drawn into the world of drugs, becoming a cautious, cerebral lord of the drug world, much like Avon Barksdale. Initially, he lacks the rough street-smarts of Barksdale, but is frequently exposed to this violent world as he moves on. Though he renounces his former ways by the end, it is not unbelievable that he would be pulled back into it in time. It is a genesis story to a fascinating character, even though the stories are supposed to be unrelated.

Liam C (au) wrote: Analyse This is a very weird concept and on paper probably looked like it was never going to work, but it was green lighted and here we are. Featuring two stories of sorts, Robert De Niro and Billy Crystal play off of each other fantastically and really work well with each other. Robert De Niro's parody of his gangster persona is a treat to see and he really plays it well, not unlike Brando in 'The Freshman' and Billy Crystal is a laugh riot with a particularly awesome scene near the end of the movie where his acting reaches new heights and that scene in particular made me laugh the most. While the movie had great jokes I didn't find myself laughing all too often, in fact, the absurdity of the movie itself is so strange and unique that it just offers laughs anyway because of what transpires on screen, it's all so silly, but it works. I also love the scenes in which they parody the Godfather, there aren't many but they're great when they happen. Overall a delightful surprise and a great funny time.

Jaime G (de) wrote: Se la Recomiendo grandemente

Steve S (nl) wrote: Standard airport thriller. A minor film for Eastwood

Kelly L (gb) wrote: "Love Story", both the book and the movie, were enormously popular. However the movie had its critics and there was a minor brouhaha among segments of the literary community with predictions of the end of culture in America. The movie effected me deeply and I loved it.

Peter W (ru) wrote: The banter between the robot couple Tilk and Tilly is pure comedy gold it's the main reason to watch this film.

Wulstan E (nl) wrote: There are few road movies that hit the spot and this certainly doesn't. Also, the genre "comedy" couldn't be further from an accurate description. Dark, script-less and poorly acted, Firth's American accent is equally regrettable. The joke was on the long-suffering audience.

Martin G (us) wrote: Le film se porte surtout sur la trs bonne performance d'Ethan Hawke. D'avantage un film psychologique qu'un drame de guerre

Official C (ag) wrote: This is one of the best superhero origin movies. The story is surprisingly very grounded in reality, with high-octane action sequences, allowing even non-comics fans to appreciate.

claudia n (us) wrote: Funny and happy.I found the main character Duncan very relatable to because I'm a socially awkward kid who is only happy at one place and I don't want to leave. This film was amazing brilliant acting and brilliant story line. I highly recommend you to watch it.

Suanna G (us) wrote: I loved this movie! Growing up in a religious school, I could relate to this movie! I hate that religious schools are stereotyped like the school in Saved, but a lot of the instances in the movie are accurate. Despite this, I learned a lot in my little private school.