A love-lorn script writer grows increasingly desperate in his quest to adapt the book 'The Orchid Thief'.

While his latest movie Being John Malkovich (1999) is in production, screenwriter Charlie Kaufman is hired by Valerie Thomas to adapt Susan Orlean's non-fiction book "The Orchid Thief" for the screen. Thomas bought the movie rights before Orlean wrote the book, when it was only an article in The New Yorker. The book details the story of rare orchid hunter John Laroche, whose passion for orchids and horticulture made Orlean discover passion and beauty for the first time in her life. Charlie wants to be faithful to the book in his adaptation, but despite Laroche himself being an interesting character in his own right, Charlie is having difficulty finding enough material in Laroche to fill a movie, while equally not having enough to say cinematically about the beauty of orchids. At the same time, Charlie is going through other issues in his life. His insecurity as a person doesn't allow him to act upon his feelings for Amelia Kavan, who is interested in him as a man. And Charlie's twin ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chinmay C (ag) wrote: Gori Tere Pyaar Mein is directed by Punit Malhotra starring Imran Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Anupam Kher and Shraddha Kapoor. It is a Romantic-Comedy revolving around two characters Sriram Venkat (Imran) and Dia Sharma (Kareena). Sriram is a self-centered shallow city jerk who doesn't value his family and relationships and Dia is a NGO worker who wants to make a difference in the society in her own small way.The first half of the movie is mostly in flashbacks with Sriram narrating his story of, how he met Dia and how their relationship took a wrong turn, to his fianc Vasudha (Shraddha Kapoor). Whereas the second half of the movie completely takes place in Jumli village located in Gujrat where Dia has taken up residence and Sriram has to win her back by constructing a bridge for the village by using his degree in Architecture, which would make it easier for the villagers to cross the river.The main flaws with this movie are its story and its week screenplay. It doesn't hold the audience's attention and eventually you may end up getting bored towards the end. Imran tries to maintain a certain charm through the entire movie which is appreciable but Dia's character is very underdeveloped. A little more back story for her character would have made her a better character. The music by Vishal-Shekhar is enjoyable, though I think most of the songs should have been cut from the movie since they doesn't match the situation of the characters especially in the second half of the movie.On the whole, Gori Tere Pyaar Mein has an interesting first half but the second half of the movie lets the movie down and does not go well with its first half. The direction and performances are just okay, the music is good and so is the cinematography.

Juan I (us) wrote: Excelente!!! Una drama/comedia super recomendada!!

TheIan E (de) wrote: This film is fun well cast funny scary and has brilliant effects it's league of gentleman meets Straw Dogs in a good way.

Miriam S (es) wrote: bttre n frvntat! Dessutom r ju mannen med de kalla gonen med...

Greg W (jp) wrote: ok biblical/historical drama

David S (es) wrote: Intermission is a deliciously subtle movie. With an amazing intricate plot, fabulous characters with natural and believable dialogue, it becomes hard to enjoy the realism of this comedy. It has dark humour that works well with the connecting characters and their stories.

Troy K (ag) wrote: 3/5 Better than your usual sports movie, still cheesy though.

Zaw M (au) wrote: Porco Rosso looks gorgeous and majestic just like other Studio Ghibli's animations. The problem is that the tone of the movie lost at some point.Is Porco Rosso worth watching? Sure, it is.The first hour of this film is so lovely and enjoyable because of its creative imagination. Porco Rosso might not be Hayao Miyazaki's best effort but the animation still looks beautiful. Story is simple, enjoyable and straightforward.In the end, I would say Porco Rosso is a delightful fantasy-drama animation about the life of a pilot.

Cameron M (jp) wrote: It has nothing to do with Titans, or anything relevant for that matter. It's godawful, and it's better that way.

Moeslim A (es) wrote: My childhood movies are superior to yours. Critics, you all suck. Here's 5 stars up yours.

Trey B (gb) wrote: Enjoyable action flick.

Deepan A (ag) wrote: This Flick should be really Interesting...

Darrin C (us) wrote: A little better than the last sequel, but more of the same.