Abhi (Sushanth) is a young bloke who provides a unique service - that of creating rifts between couples. He provides this service mostly to the couples’ parents. He builds crevices between lovebirds who plan to marry against the wishes of their parents and gets paid big bucks for his services. But when he wants to, he also helps those in love and even helps them get married.

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Adda torrent reviews

Joah H (jp) wrote: Very interesting---Great subject and put together well

Susan B (us) wrote: Unbelievable. It's ridiculous that so much energy and money has to be wasted on something as silly as preschool.

Red L (de) wrote: Is in a list of "great but under-rated movies I should see" (Apr2015 article)

Samudro P (fr) wrote: Worst script, unbelievable story. Jennifer Aniston does her best but why the hell she she sigh up for this film?

ShaMarcus G (br) wrote: This was such a dumb movie da jerk was da only reason i kept watchn it b/c he was hilarious but afta he was the 1st 2 die of da friends, i said 4get it...wasnt really payn much attention neways, bad plot, script, actors/actresses, jus all around bad...

Kyle F (de) wrote: I guess I should start off this review by mentioning my love of films with minimal dialogue. If you can get your message across without speaking, it speaks volumes about the craftsmanship of the script and direction. Plus, it really adds an atmospheric mood to the movie that wouldn't be possible with all the dialogue found in movies today.What this movie accomplishes is being a refreshing, meditative and poignant look at love. It is both inspiring and depressing; and while only one of the three stories is true, the others are well enough in tune with the film that they don't detract from your viewing pleasure.Overall great acting, great direction, and even better cinematography. It is a slow film, which some may not like, but I find it easy to lose myself in slow movies such as this and I highly enjoyed it.

Jonathan S (ag) wrote: "Viens voir les comediens, voir les musiciens, voir les magiciens qui arrivent"...Une jolie tranche de vie parisienne

balakrishna h (fr) wrote: gr8 movie. salman superb action........

Nick B (us) wrote: A really awesome old schoolHong Kong Jackie chan movie. Fun the whole way through and the action is amazing . The final scene is crazy and unbelievable you can tell everyone does there own stunts

Josh M (jp) wrote: Macaulay Culkin is arguably one of the best child actors to ever hit the big screen. Home Alone shows how he can take the spotlight and entertain any viewer. With an addition of the Wet Bandits' hilarious antics and physical humor this is a very strong Christmas comedy that should be watched every year.

explodingboy1989 (de) wrote: Red Scorpion' is one of the weakest efforts from Dolph Lundgren in the first phase of his career (roughly defined as from 'Rocky IV' to 'Joshua Tree'). I personally felt the story behind the making of this film was more interesting than the plot itself; however, 'Red Scorpion' can be viewed without all the political implications and messages the producer and the South African regime that funded it intended in the form of a brainless action film. It is perhaps also an interesting piece in that it marks the first time for a familiar Dolph plot device- that of the noble soldier/trained killer who is assigned to do a job for a regime he believes in,has a change of heart, joins the rebel alliance, and then blows a bunch of buildings, tanks, and bad guys up until he's the only one left (i.e: see Bridge of Dragons, Men of War, etc).I can say that the primary enjoyment only comes from seeing Dolph kick some ass, and all the explosions and mayhem that comes with it. The director, Joseph Zito (who also helmed the equally over-the-top Chuck Norris vehicle Invasion U.S.A.) doesn't disappoint, and he keeps Dolph blowin' shiznit up real good the entire film. M. Emmet Walsh was just really annoying as the ultra liberal reporter stereotype, and the only other costars who are tolerable in this are Brion James and the bushman who takes Dolph under his wing. The film drags a lot, and the most annoying aspect of the film, in my opinion, was the overuse of Little Richard's music. I swear, every time there was an action set piece, they would play that crap, and it didn't really fit at all. I demand a rescore.I have to say that this is good Dolph, but in comparison with something of the caliber of 'I Come in Peace,' 'the Punisher' or Showdown in Little Tokyo- dare I say it, even Masters of the Universe?-, it falls far short in the first phase of the Dolph cannon. Yeah, he still delivers here- he's a big, towering dude beating up bad guys, shooting big guns at commies, drunkenly singing the Soviet national anthem and beating up little pansies in a bar, showing off his muscles, hunting warthogs, and blowing a whole shitload up. What more do you really need if it's Dolph?If you want brainless action, you may enjoy this. If you want Dolph, he's done better. But this is still an interesting film to watch if you can't get ahold of 'Joshua Tree' or 'Showdown.'

Joey T (es) wrote: Good movie! It's a bit silly at times but it's enjoyable.

theresa c (au) wrote: one of the best. love them all

Samus M (es) wrote: kurosawa's only female protagonist is played by the amazing setsuko hara, who is essentially a female james dean with a longer career...and who isn't dead. point being: obsession worthy. kurosawa's direction is on fire for such an early point in his career, and the cinematography/lighting is always used to its best. there are a few weirdly-paced montages, but no complaints otherwise. but really it is setsuko hara that carries this movie. damn she can act.

Steve G (gb) wrote: If you're acrophobic, it may not be the film for you. Excellent comedy, otherwise. Brilliantly created.

Bryan A (au) wrote: The movie has a new and interesting plot it's not that clich (C) story about a slasher and revenge no it's much more original and unique and may be the ending may have been dull and fast but at least the movie is trying I mean this movie is so original that the killer isn't even human it's more like the killer is faith

Jake H (kr) wrote: One of the most messed up movies I've seen. But thats what made it good. Probably want to see it again.Coach sully is a very good character.

Leah S (gb) wrote: This movie had a very interesting plot which was pulled off in the cheesiest of ways.

Indra W (es) wrote: vulgar and tasteless. not for kids. bad language.