Adhi Raat Ke Baad

Adhi Raat Ke Baad

Suspected for killing the wealthy father of his lover, a man, formerly known as Mr.X, goes on the run from the Police.

Suspected for killing the wealthy father of his lover, a man, formerly known as Mr.X, goes on the run from the Police. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Wes S (de) wrote: This one works because it's nicely tongue-in-cheek. It's a low budget monster movie, with a shark that swims through snow. The creators have a lot of fun with it, the characters are enjoyable enough, and it never slows down. It's not for everyone, but Avalanche Sharks does its best at what it is.

Jason T (es) wrote: Great cast gone to waste. The film noir tone is interesting but the plot is silly and feels like recycled pulp fiction outtakes from the 90's.

Andy B (au) wrote: I thought this film was ok. There were some funny and interesting parts. But, there were some dry spots. Bateman fit his character well though. Not many other actors would have fit that role. I probably wouldn't need to watch this again. 7/10

kinasin k (ca) wrote: Awesome fun loving good time!

Julie D (it) wrote: very beautiful film. Also very strange film

Joanna M (ca) wrote: Although starting out slow, this film kept me hooked until the final seen. Andy Lau and Li Bingbing are amazing actors by themselves, yet when coupled together they have a very genuine chemistry. The story is heart-warming, and tells a beautiful tale of redemption, with a bit of action thrown into the mix. In addition, the panoramic shots of Tibet's mountains and Buddhist temples are beautiful.

Steve M (br) wrote: Let me start this off by saying that this is in no means a "good" movie. However, it is an enjoyable movie. Hokey acting, every military vs. monster cliche and stupid/predictable plot. The good is the practical effects, the sound track and of course The Rock. I don't have to tell you this isn't the kind of movie that will win any awards outside of a Razzie, but it is enjoyable for what it is. One of my ultimate guilty pleasure movies where you can just turn your mind off and watch Space Marines fight genetic abominations. The highlight of the movie is of course the first person scene, the DVD has a special feature that goes a little in depth in the making of the scene. To be honest I don't really remember the movie I saw in theater but once it was released I got the Unrated Cut, that's the only way to go for these things. So, sit down turn off your brain, have a beer or smoke a j and enjoy one of the best-worst video game movies ever made.

Kathleen B (it) wrote: Sadly, ACA (Obamacare) has not made the SICKO problems go away. Limiting care remains the source of profit in the industry. Creating havoc in people's lives is the daily job of insurance employees. Talk about moral hazards! When doctors attempt to prescribe non-addictive drugs, insurance companies tend to turn them down in favor of cheaper opioids. How much suffering starts in such insurance company decisions? It is time to ensure health care as a right and Medicare for All is the way that will happen. Michael Moore struck such undeniable truth in this movie, that the industry went on a defamation binge. Wendell Potter, a former CIGNA exec admitted to the industry's smear campaign on television. That is a good preview for this film. SICKO should have been an academy award winner. It deserves being resurrected as a way of examining what has and has not changed since ACA. Economically, Medicare for All would solve huge numbers of problems. Elizabeth Warren is one of the experts in the movie. See what people-oriented leaders think and whom we should support. Get worked up. It could be you next!

Courtney M (de) wrote: "I am a little freaked out, even though it is obviously CG." "Courtney! This is LIVE FEED from Shallow Valley!!!" (Not in film ha)

David T (ru) wrote: One of the best movies I've seen.

Scott R (ag) wrote: Long winded and repetitive. It was informative though.

Ian H (au) wrote: I just couldn't get into this...I tried, but it just seemed to me too much was going on -- perhaps as a man I can only focus on one thing at a time. :)That said, great performances, particularly Patricia Clarkson's, and a fascinating way to explore the many ideas covered.

John B (ru) wrote: Heart-warming Canadian story from Disney about a boy and his dog and the adventures to return home after a storm at sea capsizes them.

Wes S (es) wrote: Spectacular effects, some risky story elements, and a odd film in all. Lifeforce doesn't quite flow together smoothly, and there are some silly moments, but it's a unique horror film with some cool sci-fi elements.

Andrew R (gb) wrote: While this is a "mock"umentary of sorts, that doesn't detract from the seriousness of Bunuel's intent. An excellent film on poverty and human abjection.

Bill B (au) wrote: Well, they say you can't go home again, and holy shit, they are right. Nostalgia being a complete motherfucker, I decided to revisit this film after being kinda put off by Burton's Batman recently, and this one falls even further in my estimation after not watching it in well over a decade or more.This film suffered from being more of a Tim Burton film than a Batman one in my eyes, and I don't know when I will come back to it for another look at this stage of things.Rental.

Steph S (mx) wrote: A typical highschool rocker film. Four guys going to detroit to see a kiss concert. The plot gets real good when ne of the boys mothers burns the tickets and the boys try to find a way to get tickets to the concert. Stripping, Stealing, Breaking in, and having sex in a church is just what makes this film a fun film to watch.

Amber J (jp) wrote: This is one of my favorite older movies! Can't believe it came out in 2004! Deffinetly an awesome classic! ??????

Anthony G (kr) wrote: Drag Me to Hell is a return of the classic horror genre. Raimi manages to create some genuine thrills and terrors using the old-fashioned format of surprise: misdirection and suggestion and I absolutely adored it. It's mostly a film for amusement rather than for terror which kind-of disappointed me. As wholly cheesy as that proclamation may sound, it is entirely true. With a tantalizing premise itself, Raimi at times does manage to masterfully construct a chilling atmosphere when it's not held down by laughable sequences. Aside from his fan base, the real reason you would be drawn to this film is it's terrifying premise rather than the actual construction itself.