Adios Sabata

Adios Sabata

Set in Mexico under the rule of Emperor Maximilian I, Sabata is hired by the guerrilla leader Señor Ocaño to steal a wagonload of gold from the Austrian army. However, when Sabata and his partners Escudo and Ballantine obtain the wagon, they find it is not full of gold but of sand, and that the gold was taken by Austrian Colonel Skimmel. So Sabata plans to steal back the gold.

Master gunslinger Sabata helps some Mexican revolutionaries steal a wagonload of gold. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leena L (kr) wrote: Only saw the last third of the film, but it was all clear.... sigh. Mad woman stalking the sport star..... luckily it was free of cost for me!

ToMaSaN (fr) wrote: Simpatico sucked! maybe it's because i watched it after having a down right shitty ass day! but jesus! It was so boring and pointless! If i ever have to look at that stupid ass Sharon Stone ever again i'll probably puke! Bridges & Nolte were both really good, but their characters had no real depth or anything! There is some dumb secret that all of them share but it just ends up a bunch of stupid bullshit! honestly this movie did not hit a home-run at all in the suspense area! it was actually disappointing as a screenplay and a real dud of a movie =( oh well. Oh ya, and just for the record FUCK FUCKIN' SHARON STONE!!

Ben V (ru) wrote: Decent movie. Loses half a star because the Rock didn't do the People's Elbow on some Jabroni