Based on the real life story of Sagawa, a japanese student who killed, dismembered and ate a young Dutch girl in Paris.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:16 minutes
  • Release:1987
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:one word title,  

Based on the real life story of Sagawa, a japanese student who killed, dismembered and ate a young dutch girl in Paris. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lili L (mx) wrote: It held my interest with its thought-provoking dilemmas & emotional tugging at the heart. moments.

Abhay P (kr) wrote: Engaging throughout. Thumbs up for Anurag Kashyap!Still in shock from how the movie ended

Tyson P (it) wrote: best crocodile movie out there

Mike M (mx) wrote: Chesnais' flickers of awakening to the possibility of a new life keep you watching, but the subtitles can't dispel the sensation we've seen all this before - we've even seen it with subtitles before, in the Japanese original of "Shall We Dance?".

Anjori H (ca) wrote: Such a good movie. The underlying message is a great one, about widows in India. I saw it twice and cried both times. Very good acting from Rani.

Zachary S (ag) wrote: Although the conclusion to the film does indeed provide a surprising turn of events which is not easily foreseen, and the climax does leave a strong lasting impression, the whole movie prior to that steep incline is rather bland and nonsensical. The investigation into ??mysterious?? events, typical of any film in the Asian Horror genre, seems to draw insubstantial and illogical conclusions from a process which is equally irrational. In fact, conclusions seem to merely appear rather than being extracted from carefully structured research. As a result, the entire plotline seems to spontaneously turn into corners into the unexpected and irrelevant, but never fully develops any of its ideas before withdrawing and abandoning past endeavors, thus leaving many open ends which are perplexingly never resolved. Characters come and go without much elaboration on their providence, many never appearing again after they are dismissed. Those characters the viewer is left with are practically indistinguishable from the monotonous archetypes they are sculpted to portray. However, that is not to say that the film is without merit. Acting is relatively decent and, for a film of this genre, above average. Also, in a genre which commonly suffers from weak or ridiculous conclusions which leave the audience confounded, ??Phone?? stands out as one of the few films with a very strong finale which almost negates the absurdity which precedes it.

Mattia N (gb) wrote: An allegoric tale about the role of press, media and music in our culture, set in a dystopian and grotesque civil war-riddled America, that you're most likely to appreciate if you're a Dylan fan and that sometimes remains painfully unexplained.

Kara H (nl) wrote: Horrible. What is going on? Why is this a movie? Can't get even halfway through. I give up.

Simon H (jp) wrote: Superb not seen in years still fantastic Ernie Hudson was superb

Brent M (jp) wrote: This is the story of Anne Boleyn and her marriage to King Henry VIII. This movie shows King Henry VIII's obsession with having a male heir to the throne. He falls in love with Anne Boleyn and almost tears his kingdom apart to make her Queen. This movie is pretty historically accurate. Good costumes and acting, especially for 1969. This movie is actually a good lead-up to the Elizabeth series.

Based R (mx) wrote: I liked tajomarus acting and I appreciate the message of dishonesty but wasn't that blown away

Christine R (au) wrote: Bette Davis is excellent in the adaptation of a book based on a true to life scandal. Barbara O'Neil plays crazy really well and the film is beautifully done. Runs long but not at all boring. Definitely a must see for Bette Davis fans.

George Panagiotis A (au) wrote: Awful! very bad movie

Allan C (nl) wrote: Between low budgets 70/80s cheesy nature-gone-wild films, like "Food of the Gods" or "Alligator," and the SyFy Channel resistance of the likes of "Sharknado" there were a few big budget Hollywood nature-gone-wild flicks like "Lake Placid" and "Deep Rising" that were actually pretty quality, if admittedly corny, films. Taking most of it's cues from "Jaws" for underwater suspense, the film tells the story of a sleepy small town that had a giant crock living in it and eating all sorts of folks. Bill Pullman plays the local Fish & Wildlife official, Oliver Platt plays the quirky crock expert, Bridget Fonda plays the paleontologist, Brendan Gleeson plays the hot headed town sheriff, Betty White plays the colorful old lady who lives on the lake and Meredith Salenger (who I always had a crush on) plays a cute deputy sheriff. And look fast for Adam Arkin and Mariska Hargitay in small parts. There's not a lot to the story, but the film is populated with a likable cast and much better of developed characters that you typically get in these films. The film was written by David E. Kelley, who is more often known for writing smart TV dramas with a healthy dose of quirky comedy, so a monster film is quite a change of pace for him, but he really does pull off an exciting, funny and entertaining films. The film was competently directed by Steve Miner ("My Father the Hero," "Friday the 13th: Part 2," "House").

Kimberley S (ag) wrote: If you can get past the type cast of Steve Carell, "funny man" and the weird carbon copy of Kieran Knightley's character to Portman's character in Garden State.It is a good film that has a simple premise, a journey of two people to be with their loved ones before the imminent end of the world. The character that we follow are very every day and relatable. With a lot of subtle events that happen around the protagonists, that shows the different ways people would handle such an event really made me think:"how would I handle the end of the world?"- Would I go into denial, act like everything is normal by going to work and pretend everything is okOr hide in a bunker in a shed of bake beans etc. Like Taken, the film does what the title says so how can you be disappointed?

Skylar E (au) wrote: Deathgasm has one of the most awful storylines outside of its Satanic, heavy metal-inspired twist, but the gore effects and moments of brief comedy keep it from being a total trainwreck. Look forward to what the director comes out with next.