South of France: Riki Kandinski and his elder brother Fredrico, come back to their family castle for their father's funeral. Fredrico knows nothing about his younger brother, but he notices that he is making big money and living in luxury all for a few days work a week. By pure chance, Fredrico gets his hands on a gay porn magazine and sees his brother in it.

Set in the south of France, Riki Kandinski and his elder brother Fredrico, come back to their family castle for their father's funeral. They haven't seen each other in a long time and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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jay x (us) wrote: was really bored with this one didn't watch till the endnormally i like the performances of Rhys Coiro and Milo Ventimigla but even that couldn't keep me interested in the movie, they made the first 20min of the movie watchable by being the great actors that they are but after that even that can't keep you attention great performances from the guys the rest to me was pretty bleh

Mauricio L (it) wrote: this piece of junk it's even worst than the first film, the characters become a pain in the ass for the viewer, the worst was Ashley Tisdale as sharpay, before it was just a wicked bitch, now it's a annoying selfish weeper, and the music is awful too, i think even the actors where feeling bad while they singed in this movie, i was about to pukeafter watching this movie, maybe im just being so tough with this movie, but i am just saying what i feel, it's a terrible flick.

dylan w (ru) wrote: a very awful movie a complete piece of crap for real if you like movies about horny clowns i recomend this one for you

Mextli B (jp) wrote: vidas que se cruzan en un barrio es muy buena

TuUyen T (de) wrote: Alien badasses kept at bay by Japanese pop rock. It was amusing the first time around but now it's just silly.

William M (de) wrote: This was an interesting way to put multiple personalities

Alex R (it) wrote: ok boss he says and still does his own thing....

Matt M (us) wrote: A unique vision, directed by Trumbo, writer of the same 1930's novel on which it is based, and a former blacklisted screenwriter because he had refused to testify before the HUAC in the late forties. This film is an enigmatic voyage through the dreams, recollections, memories and conversations with Jesus of a soldiers wounded in battle and left without arms, legs, ears, mouth, simply remaining conscious and unable to distinguish real life with imagination. Haunting anti war work, somewhat demanding, but nevertheless gripping, troubling and deeply engaging

Bailey H (fr) wrote: Let me start by saying, I am a huge fan of Susan Sarandon, JLo, and Richard Gere, but their performances in this film were surprisingly average. Also, the movie started off strong, but got worse as it progressed. My biggest complaints however, are the characters and the plot. I did not at all connect to the characters. We hardly learned anything about them until maybe the very end, and they were not all that complex. The plot was even worse. The movie started off with a man hitting on a younger woman although he was married, and this continued for about half of the movie, then the plot just automatically changed and it was all about a dance competition. What started off as a movie about a tired marriage TOTALLY changed into a dancing movie. I was so confused as to why there were two different plots that shifted so fast and did not at all connect with one another. I suggest only watching this movie if you are a big fan of dancing, or a cast member because the plot was just not exciting.