A rough and tumble man of the sea falls for a meek librarian.

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Andy C (br) wrote: A little awkward in parts (even for a found footage movie) but hey....Dinosaurs!

Dilhara A (de) wrote: movie has got excellent character. strong performance by Piccoli.

Bjorn O (nl) wrote: n en gng landskapen, vackert, hemskt och vardagligt.Den bsta/originellaste rape and revenge rullen jag sett p r och dag.

Daniel B (ag) wrote: All over the shop with crap dialogue

Jay B (nl) wrote: I want to like this one but I had to turn it off after 45 minutes. Maybe I'll try again some day

Zach M (nl) wrote: This was actually a fairly funny movie at times. Not the worst thing Troma has put out.

Matt D (ru) wrote: Good cop movie, good martial arts.

Jason D (es) wrote: Normally, it doesn't get better than your standard blaxploitation, but a blaxploitation exorcism that's golden, baby! Abby: The Story of a Woman Possessed is writer/director and king of exploitation William Girdler's (Three on a Meathook, Grizzly, Day of the Animals, The Manitou) blaxploitation interpretation of the Exorcist as Blacula himself, the late great William Marshall, a preacher and studier of African archeology travels to Nigeria for an excavation that has him unleashing a demonic and evil force that travels all the way back to the states and inhabits Marshall's son's wife Abby (the lovely Carol Speed). Now, Abby begins changing as she develops a heavily sexual appetite, not to mention a potty mouth to boot. It's not long before she goes on a soul-collecting rampage, leaving it up to Marshall, husband Terry Carter (Foxy Brown), and brother Austin Stoker (Assault on Precinct 13) to stop this evil force once and for all and save Abby. If you're a fan of blaxploitation, grindhouse-style films, or even Exorcism films, Abby's got that sweet medicine to soothe you. It's campy, it's heavily dated, and it's incredibly grainy and vintage, which is all the more reason to set your time machine back to a time where movies were actually fun and entertaining and not this bullshit corporate megaforce that works purely for monetary gain rather than art. Abby will do you good. Kudos to Speed for creating such a unique character, well...two characters actually. Also, Marshall is always fun to watch, with his eloquent, boisterous baritone voice that sounds like he's 110% serious all the time. Good film.

Christopher B (gb) wrote: Sensitive modern classic.

Dougandpolly S (ru) wrote: this turned out to be a real star-studded movie, with the likes of the Harry James and Xavier Cugat Orchestras, not to mention the beloved Jimmy Durante, sort of acting out his ouvre... what was striking, though, was the absolutely absence in this movie packed with servicemen at the most excruciating part of World War II, of any mention of the overseas horrors... propaganda in the finest sense

Di K (br) wrote: The best thing about this movie was probably how overwhelmed I felt by each character's emotional state. I thought it was- heartfelt, sexy and totally disturbing.

Chanson Van C (nl) wrote: It's called suffragette because it's uncomfortable and there is suffering involved. The truth is hard to watch and reminds us to be forever grateful for the women who stood their ground and made our lives easier. They are a legacy to us all... The story needed to be told.