Adventure of the King

Adventure of the King

An emperor disguises himself as a commoner and falls in love with the female boss of an inn.

An emperor disguises himself as a commoner and falls in love with the female boss of an inn. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Karen N (br) wrote: This guy is absolutely incredible and inspiring. This documentary is a must watch.

Thomas A (nl) wrote: This martial arts drama, which serves as prequel to the "Ip Man 1" and "Ip Man 2", does not disappoint. Admittedly, the drama is a bit predictable. Nonetheless, compared to the two other movies "The Legend Is Born: Ip Man" goes even deeper into the history and soul of the Wing Chun style, which makes it a valuable gem for martial arts and history buffs alike.

Ce G (es) wrote: Mothers and daughters...that complicated relation. Some last for a period of time...some last generation after generation. A bit slow at times, or dilutes into some unnecessary scenes, but my favorite was the story of the grandmother. Catherine is still amazing!!

Sunith S (jp) wrote: Definitely one of my favorite horror movie....

Daniel C (gb) wrote: The movie is well-titled, acting as both a good mystery film as well as religious commentary.

Aman H (fr) wrote: rtt s billig gjord, blev aldrig spnnande:/

Private U (nl) wrote: Great story about a girl and her imaginary friends, and how an Australian opal mining town rallies around her dreams to save her spirit.

Kjetil H (ca) wrote: Del to i von Triers "Amerika trilogi" ,bare gi seg ende over . Dette er great stuff!

Scott C (ca) wrote: Sounds hilarious, but it's just lame.

Zachary Hugh C (au) wrote: The undead Satanic knights are back. And this time they've taken up residence in a castle on the Italian coast. The plot concerns the creepy townsfolk of the village sacrificing maidens to the knights who are worshipping some kind of Lovecraftian fish god. Has moments of atmosphere and dread but most of it is rather dull and plodding.

Tim R (us) wrote: A riviting frightning "what if" film. Shot on a shoe-string, it still manages to creep into your brain whether you're religious or not. Mimi Rogers prooves she's way more than Tom Cruise's x-wife.

David L (br) wrote: Shakespeare in Love is both good and bad as a romantic comedy, bad because the romance at the center of it is weak and forgettable, but excellent because the humor is incredibly good with a couple of hilarious lines and an all around fun tone to it. The acting is not fantastic, but Judi Dench is awesome here and the characters, while the lead ones are so-so, the rest are very well developed and portrayed. It is also a technically polished film with superb costumes and beautiful scenery. It is a very entertaining and charming film which is above all an original and highly unique mix of familiar ideas.

Shaimaa S (ru) wrote: Young DiCaprio totally steals the show. I'm in love! I screamed with joy every time he hit De Niro back. lol