Adventures in the Sin Bin

Adventures in the Sin Bin

Brian is a private school student who routinely lends his van out so fellow students can have sex in it. When he is invited to become friends with Tony, the school's big man on campus, he hopes to get some romantic pointers so that he might use his van himself with dream girl Suzie. Things become more complicated, however, when he discovers Tony is sleeping with Suzie himself.

A virgin finds himself in an awkward love triangle after he gets into the habit of loaning out his van to his friends for their sexual encounters. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Siouxsie L (au) wrote: Best movie I've seen since the one about the guy who invented the craft of slicing bread. Which, we of course are so very grateful for. Those slices keep the Nation's "cold" cuts warm between 2 blankets of grainy goodness. P.S. - See the movie.P.S.S - Eat lots of fiber.night- S

Rachel W (ag) wrote: Seen it today, loves it just like I love the Kirikou series. I love the real life, real tragedy that French animated movies bring. And it was great to hear some French language.

Dan F (fr) wrote: Charmless, frustrating and miserable. Reilly and independent film usually means something magnificent but not this time.

Joseph R (fr) wrote: Bare Knuckles= Worse than 6" pubic hair...

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elin t (fr) wrote: Funny that Robin Dunne made this film, and four years later he continued doing almost the same things in Sanctuay;)))

Stefanie C (us) wrote: considering this script was a winner at the 2004 Cannes film festival, my expectations for this 'comedy' were much higher than this film's execution. finely acted, wonderfully self-absorbed characters, good script, but something was lost in the translation.

Chris P (mx) wrote: While watching this I had the feeling that I have seen this movie before. The tired and overworked plot of this movie has been used so many times before throughout history. I believe it was even chiseled out in some pre- historic cave dwellers wall. With that said it was pretty entertaining and kept my attention. The story line was able to use the workout plot and recreate it into a halfway decent movie.

Nate l (us) wrote: A very interesting filmI loved Jennifer Tilly's role! Despite all the gay/lesbian stuff it had a great script and it was well put together

Lee R (it) wrote: very low budget - but it was funded by none other than sam raimi with funds from evil dead and one of the main characters called raimi and his voice over is dubbed by the chin himself bruce campbell - this movie is so bad its kinda good lol

Shawn W (fr) wrote: Sho Kosugi as a US drug enforcement agent who goes to Buenos Aires to avenge his friend Jeff's death at the hands of a drug ring. It is about honor, not revenge. No doubt Sho Kosugi can handle the martial arts demanded by the role but the delivery of his lines in English no doubt kept a ceiling on his ability to be an action film lead.

Paul J (kr) wrote: Slow starting. Decent movie. Dude walks his cat on a leash and gets mugged alot.

Cory L (jp) wrote: A early, competent horror/sci-fi slick with good effects and an effective, thrilling story.

Steven B (kr) wrote: Incredible. The climactic chase sequence is a miracle.

Marshall C (gb) wrote: GOOD, JUST GOODGosh This Isn't Another Shitty Movie Just Like The Other 2 Prequel MoviesGreat Visuals, Good Action Sequences And Forgettable Performance It Makes Episode III A Good Star Wars Movie But Not Great

Sean D (nl) wrote: This movie sucks and I can't believe there is a sequel. Oh wait I can, because anyone will try to make a franchise. Besides a really pointless drawn out story, you have an irrelevant beginning that doesn't really prepare you for the events to occur 45 minutes later, the beginning also doesn't really introduce you to the characters very well. Just a decent amount of torture and escaping and getting caught with no police investigation or evidence. Then you have situations with the camera where it appears to be night then day, the lighting is all fucked up whether it is natural or not. Based on real life events, you are making a film based on a retelling of one character still alive because if the other two are dead, it's all made up and the way the events played out, it was just really bad and boring.

Barry T (us) wrote: Kind of odd but also kid of good in a bad way. Pegg was good, Beckinsdale was bland. The SFX were spot on. Some of the comedy was kinda crude rude and vile and then sometimes it veered into kiddy territory. It didn't know what it wanted to be

Mark F (mx) wrote: An underrated film. More of a family drama than a western. Dmytryck explores racial prejudice against American Indians using a half-breed as his main character echoing the situation of the African Americans that led to the civil rights movement a few years later.