Adventures of Joselito and Tom Thumb

Adventures of Joselito and Tom Thumb


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:87 minutes
  • Release:1960
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:melodrama,  

Joselito lives with his grandmother in a fishing village. His father went to America long ago to make a fortune. One day, the boy decides to travel there to meet him. He takes courage and embarks on a fragile boat and miraculously is saved at sea by a vessel that leads him to Mexico where he meets Tom Thumb, a little newsboy who lives many adventures and helps him in the search. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Adventures of Joselito and Tom Thumb torrent reviews

Scott M (de) wrote: Its was ok, starts of as if its a proper movie way story goes but usual ending though lol. Kept my wee one glued also so thumbs up

Alex S (fr) wrote: Pretty dull to be honest, Dolph Lundgren kicking ass are the only scenes worth watching in the film.

Rosemarie H (es) wrote: Caught this on the dish with english subtitles, it was really funny! Now I am looking for more Bollywood comedies.

Marco F (kr) wrote: Why? Why do movies like this exist? What studio executive or anyone else involved thought that this script could be made into a good movie? TOMCATS is an appallingly bad movie- it is a wasteland of imagination, purely an exercise in misogyny from first frame to last. No one, not even strange and sad people who are like the characters in this movie deserve to see this. The gags in this movie are not funny- not one of them. Stay away from this movie- you will regret it.

Mark R (jp) wrote: Just randomly saw this on late at night - an awesome movie.

Aj S (de) wrote: Before "Kick-Ass", there was the lighter (less violent & profane) normal joe thriving to be a superhero, "Blankman". Acclaimed director/writer Mike Binder's directoral debut isn't really a strong point of his career, but the movie really doesn't seem to be afraid to be exactly what it appears to be, a satire on the classic superhero genre, most notably the early Adam West Batman series. Damon Wayans is somewhat of whoot through this film, however David Alan Grier seems to have a better comedic role in this movie. "Blankman" had the potential to succeed where "Kick-Ass" did, but it didn't thrive that full potential. Nevertheless, the movie is a guilty pleasure.

Thomas H (kr) wrote: I think I'll appreciate this film more as I get older.

Martin T (it) wrote: A brutally pessimistic film with one of the ugliest worldviews I've ever seen. Everyone is either indifferent to suffering or willing and eager to be part of it. The opening titles set this up with scenes of a dead dog in the road that gets casually ignored, and a young girl tormenting an unconscious derelict. From there it just gets worse. It's really over-the-top, but it suits the material (except for some of DeHavilland's pompous inner monologue).

Stephen P (ru) wrote: Great movie. Jason Statham is a pretty amazing actor.

Ronnie M (br) wrote: It is a good movie about life :)

Dennis L (br) wrote: One of Terry Gilliam's bestThere is a zero theorem in math but it has nothing to do with the zero theorem of this movie. Here the zero theorem is an idea that leads to the end of the universe via a black whole gobbling everything up. I believe. At any rate the science here is just window dressing. What counts is the ever quirky sets and wandering story line made entertaining by some fine acting and surprising twists and revelations in the inimitable Terry Gilliam style.I was particularly mesmerized by Mlanie Thierry who plays Bainsley, a stylish hooker with a hankering for older men (QED). She is after partially mad scientist Oohen Leth played with a steely estrangement by Christoph Waltz. I also liked Lucas Hedges' Bob who slyly wisecracks his way amid the clutter and chaos. Yes, the infamous Terry Gilliam clutter is in full evidence, white pigeons, screens on their sides, clashing art work on the walls, dark staircases, weird people, electric (?) cables the size of fire hoses, rats, bizarre costumes and much, much more. And of course the thousand and one sight gags. The one I liked best (and we see it two or three times) comes to us through Oohen Leth's computer screen. It's a certain kind of Website displaying Mlanie Thierry with a strategically placed heart-shaped sign reading "Enter Here." (You have to see it to get the joke or have a saucy imagination.)Matt Damon has a cameo as "Management," "Bob's" all powerful father. Yes, there are some corporate jokes throughout as well as science gone amuck hilarity or attempted hilarity. I think this is one of Gilliam's best but it is the performances by the actors that really carry this and perhaps that's a good thing in a Terry Gilliam movie. --Dennis Littrell, author of the movie review book, "Cut to the Chaise Lounge or I can't Believe I Swallowed the Remote"