Advise & Consent

Advise & Consent

A Senate investigation into the President's newly-nominated Secretary of State gives light to a secret from the past, which may not only ruin the candidate, but the President's character as well.

Senate investigation into the President's newly nominated Secretary of State, gives light to a secret from the past, which may not only ruin the candidate, but the President's character as well. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carlos M (ca) wrote: An abysmal genre exercise that is not only awfully written and laughably silly with regards to its inane plot and what it wants to say (whatever that is) but has also a cliched direction that fails to create any suspense and makes everything nearly insufferable to watch.

Leonardo Malacay S (mx) wrote: Ballenas, no es la historia que nos cambia la vida pero si resulta entretenida y hasta inspiradora.

Ese (br) wrote: This flick is pure Metal! Iron Man 3 Rules! Now go push play on some Powerslave!

David B (fr) wrote: Predictable and the anacondas seemed so computerizedBad quality

Dylan S (us) wrote: I loved Chinatown... and even though this looks stupid, I have to watch it.

Ryan H (mx) wrote: Yes Spencer, I finally watched it. Water Lilies is a film with some emotionally deep characters with many reasons behind each action they make. Marie is a shy girl who is in love with Floriane, a girl who all the guys love but girls hate. On top of that, Anne is in love with the same guy who is trying to have sex with Floriane. All of this coming together in the film is interesting. Sciamma does an excellent job in helping us understand such a shy character without forcing her to say anything. Everything just felt so natural. The shots and the way Marie looks at the world helps the audience truly understand what she's going through. I'm not too sure I got the point of the synchronized swimming. Yes, it was a great way for the characters to come together and to give everything a setting, but I could have done with less watching them actually doing the swimming. I really enjoyed the humor that is placed throughout the film. It is awkward and I felt bad for laughing at it, but that's the way it is when growing up. The scene when the guy sees Anne completely naked in the locker room when she was trying to make sure no one saw her was funny, even though it was heartbreaking at the same time. They even bring it back later, but this time she is standing in front of the door naked hoping he walks in. She wants his attention. She even has sex with him without him ever kissing her even though in the beginning she says she wants the kissing to come first. I just wanted to jump into the movie and tell Anne that she's making a huge mistake, that he is only doing it because he is horny. She doesn't need to have sex just to feel good about herself. There are so many girls I wish would understand this. They also do a great job of revealing Floriane as a real person. At first it looks like everyone loves her and she's getting all the guys, but we find out she is a virgin and none of the girls really like her. We learn all of this with Marie. That's the strongest point of the film: Sciamma takes us through the summer of their awaking with them. If they go through it, and if they learn something then so do we. The ending seems a little too obvious to have Anne and Marie jump in a pool once they are done with the people they are in love with, but it still worked. Overall, Water Lilies is a strong coming of age film that goes about the subject of sex in a new and more realistic way.

Kasper N (br) wrote: Great documentary about the birth of snowboarding.

Peter H (ru) wrote: council estate film where two m8s freindship are tested

Cornelis R (au) wrote: Loved Alicia in this. saw it on the big screen

Johan H (kr) wrote: Better than the Beatles.

Jenna G (gb) wrote: My God, what a movie. Insanely entertaining, powerful and filled with wonderful music and outstanding performances. Why didn't I watch this sooner??

Andy C (br) wrote: Maybe not for the claustrophobic. Or the narcoleptic, as Herzog's soothing yet mostly pointless narration serves little purpose other than to desire a little of that which he has been smoking.

Peter N (us) wrote: So many cameos my head was spinning. Oh, and the story is complete crap. Luckily they let the series die after this dismal sequel.

Semmi A (jp) wrote: I very rarely quit watching movies partly through but I rented Cosmopolis and after 20 minutes I had to shut it off!

Jeff B (br) wrote: Of all the Apes flims, this one is only exceeded by the original and Dawn. The main reason this works so well is the relationship the apes from the future have with the humans of the present. There are humorous and engaging moments as both human and ape find commonality. However, as you know, that's got to come to an end at some point. A whole lot of death and destruction could certainly be avoided if human- and apekind were just a little more kind. Ah, but where would all that dystopia go? But again, as we find in all the Apes movies, it's not really humans or apes that are the problem, but rather a natural tendency to fear and thus preservation via the elimination of the "other." The message time and again is that all sentient beings must find respect for all. It is here where we need to be. We see that message in Cornelius and Zira, Caesar and Mr. McDonald. But ultimately it is the power of fear that has the last say, as it does here in Escape. An enjoyable film, even one lacking the sophistication and artistry brought about by 21st century film technology.

Gabriel C (kr) wrote: Nat Wolff and Cara Delevingne give their all, but Paper Towns suffers from a weak script and feels emotionally slight.

Elvy L (ru) wrote: Close Range starring "B-list" action star Scott Adkins is a pretty decent, straight to DVD action film. Pretty much allows Adkins to show of his athleticism and the storyline and plot are pretty simple. After a young girl - his niece - gets kidnapped, Adkins saves her and now it's up to him to keep her and her mother safe from the Mexican gang that kidnapped her in the first place. And that's it. That's the plot. The rest is mostly good action.Worth a watch on a boring day.