Ae Fond Kiss...

Ae Fond Kiss...

A young man upsets his Punjabi family when he falls in love with an Irish schoolteacher.

Sparks fly in Glasgow's south side when a young Asian man enters into a relationship with a Caucasian woman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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MyFriendAli (fr) wrote: Funny, Time Pass, about a love story of Beauty & the Geek!

Sam E (fr) wrote: amazing movie, was just browsing through lovefilm and this caught my eye, i loved it! far superior to most horror movies released these days It was so much fun and the twist at the end was absolutely amazing and so unexpected, Haylie Duff played her part well and was fantastic in her role given. I would love to see more films as good as this!

Sam P (mx) wrote: I enjoyed this film. Often when a film revolves around the inside world of Hollywood, there are a lot of inside jokes, a lot of wink wink, nudge nudge?, which sometimes leads to intelligent and clever films, others very self-congratulatory. This film seems to lean more to a clever film, bit more honest, with more realistic elements then usual.The basis of the film is that Robert De Niro plays a Movie Producer who has backed a crazy English director and an original Sean Penn-led movie which receives terrible feedback in their first showing for a controversial dog shooting scene. De Niro has to balance the studio demands with his temperamental director, whilst also trying to convince Bruce Willis to shave off his mountain beard for a role, and also family problems.The problem for the film was it tried to juggle too much, it had three main plots with the Bruce Willis problem, the controversial ending problem, the possible break up with his wife who is shacking up with a screenwriter he knows, a daughter who may be having underage sex, a producer who committed suicide, an agent who has stomach problems, and these are just ones I can remember. I can understand that it is supposed to demonstrate how much a producer probably deals with, but just became complete overboard, and would have possibly worked better sticking to maybe the Bruce Willis problem and the studio film, the two biggest problems, as opposed to just showing flashes of several other storylines.However, what is positive is seeing Robert De Niro in a good, serious role for the first time in a while, having seen several of his 70(TM)s and 80(TM)s films, a lot of his latest films do not measure up, his serious roles in rubbish films and his comedies repetitive. De Niro probably helps make this film interesting, it was average in many parts, it was only really positive when De Niro showed his ability, acting surprising down-trodden and cowardly, very unlike his usual roles.I(TM)m disappointed because I can(TM)t help but feel this film could have been much better, it just seemed overtly average for most of the time, and had a lot of open elements to it, as if they realized they had bitten off more then they could chew.

Trinity C (au) wrote: *laughs*who saw that coming?

Yvonne Y (de) wrote: Meaningful story. Got to reflect and reflect.

Niklas S (br) wrote: From the cover and the title of this movie you would think that this movie would be crazy as anything else that Miike dreams up. This is actually a calmer Miike that we get to see. It's still stylish and has that Miike feel. There is still some violence although not as much but you get your fill.

Emily B (it) wrote: A smart comedy but definitely not your usual, conventional comedy film. The humour is so subtle, and the film is rather slow paced, hence why it won't be for everyone.

Romain D (it) wrote: les premices du dogme 95

Andrea M (kr) wrote: I'm getting too old for this shit.

Anne D (es) wrote: I think this film is great! It is pure gold of the genere. If you like 1950's science fiction films and cult films then you have to see Teenagers from outer space. It goes great with any late night movie marathon! I think the acting is o.k and I think the script is ok. It is one my favorite films of all time and I highly recomend you to see it! Thank you.

Jonathan M (it) wrote: Jack reacher is a guy movie , probably one of the most men driven action stereotype movie I saw in a long time , a man who cannot be found, is good at everything and knows everything comes to fight off an army and finishes the movie with literally only a scratch on his face... Sometimes long , my wife slept the ending on the sofa , it was enough action packed to keep me interested in the story but not enough for me to want to see more. The only place where I found the movie succeds is in the 5 first minutes of the movie where the intensity of a serial killer is showed from the killers point of view.

Kevin C (mx) wrote: By numbers documentary with all the clips you've seen a 1,000 times and some strange talking heads. Kobe Bryant? Pharrell in a sailor suit?? There's no examination of Joe Jackson bullying, Michael pulling away from his brothers; skin whitening etc. But thst said the examination of Off The Wall track by track finishes on a high.