African Safari

African Safari

A documentary that leads the audience from Namibia to Kilimanjaro to explore the African wildlife.

  • Category:Documentary
  • Stars:Kevin Richardson
  • Uploader:Chich1Phat
  • Country:Belgium, France
  • Director:Ben Stassen
  • Writer:Ben Stassen (story by), Michel Fessler (script by), Ben Stassen (script by)

Filmmaker Ben Stassen and cinematographer Sean MacLeod Phillips return to southern Africa for a whole new adventure. Animal behaviorist Kevin Richardson - "The Lion Whisperer" - guides ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


African Safari torrent reviews

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Nick T (ca) wrote: metria pragmata...metria pros vareta...

Carlos R (ag) wrote: One of the best and most powerful dramas of the past decade. Very underrated

Julio P (it) wrote: Documentario sobre as criancas judias enviadas por seus pais da Europa Central para Inglaterra durante a Segunda Guerra. Historias impressionantes. As filmagens (originais) da epoca sao surpreendentes.

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