After School

After School

A student-teacher relationship goes way beyond the classroom, including pre-historic times.

A student-teacher relationship goes way beyond the classroom, including pre-historic times. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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mark d (au) wrote: Oscar F Nom'2013 Cannes Film FestivalPrize of Un Certain RegardRithy Panh's documentary The Missing Picture - Cambodia's entry for best foreign film Oscar - is a sombre, stylised memoir of the director's childhood when his country had been taken over by the Khmer Rouge. Many of his family died in the labour camps that were intended to "re-educate" the people and purify them in the flame of revolutionary socialism. In fact, of course, they were the instruments of mass torture, mass murder, mass psychosis, a vast theatre of cruelty and fear directed by an oligarchy of fanatics whose homicidal activities were in no way impeded by America's "sideshow" bombing raids.Startlingly, Panh tells his story through a mixture of Khmer Rouge propaganda newsreels and little clay figurines. It was perhaps the only way of managing the devastating memories. Rather as infant victims of abuse will sometimes be asked by social workers to tell their story through soft toys, Panh tells part of his own history through these figurines. As well as this stratum of tragedy and pain, The Missing Picture has an element of Godardian reflection: the "missing picture" is the definitive image of truth for which he is searching.The Missing Picture, Rithy Panh's Cambodia childhood Clay figures help Rithy Panh navigate the horrors of Khmer Rouge Cambodia.Cinema is ubiquitous, and yet it may not be able to show the fact of loss. I was weirdly reminded of Georges Perec's literary experiment La Disparition, a text in which the letter "e" is missing; the conceit was inspired by his mother perishing in the Holocaust after the Nazi invasion of France, which was marked not by a death certificate, but a heartwrenching document, called an Acte de disparition which simply recorded her "disappearance". The same unresolved pain is present in this dark journey into the past.

Daniel A (fr) wrote: That's what michael bay should do, but ... how do we know he did not

Dustin G (de) wrote: This is well made and told but anytime I watch a samurai movie, regardless of how good it is, I can't help but wish I was watching a Kurosawa picture instead. His brilliance has just about spoiled the whole genre for me. Love and Honor is good though. A little too slow at times and the end is a little cheesy, but a commendable effort on a genre that Kurosawa has always owned. And always will.

Ab N (jp) wrote: Quite an interesting low budget movie, interesting characters unfolding at an unusual good slow pace...

Matthew F (de) wrote: Sort of a cross between Saw and Hostel but it just hasn't got a decent plot going for it. Some pretty gruesome bits, but nothing to make you jump out of your seat. Predictable is the word best used to describe this film. The only good thing about this film is Elisha Cuthbert!

Joshua E (br) wrote: Truly unnerving and expertly strings you along... the ending is just... wtf. It's a decent ending for sure but it's also kind of ridiculously silly. wtf

Russ B (kr) wrote: 7/18/2015: Not Williams best film, but there were still a few funny moments.

Corey n (jp) wrote: This is a comedy western starring Paul Hogan as outlaw Lighting Jack. The film also stars Cuba Gooding Jr. as a mute who teams up with Lighting Jack in the film. Paul Hogan and Cuba Gooding both do a fine job in their roles. The story is decent and I did get a few laughs from the film. If you enjoyed Paul Hogan in Crocodile Dundee then I would suggest giving this movie a try. Worth a watch.

Alec B (ca) wrote: Hilarious and philosophically interesting. While it possess a lot of the hallmarks of standard romantic comedies, the unique take on the afterlife as well as Steep's and Brooks' chemistry elevates this film to some fantastic heights. Rip Torn and Lee Grant are pretty great as well.

Denisse T (jp) wrote: This movie was really fun to watch. I loved all of the music. I wish they would have given Jennifer Aniston a longer part though.

Diane M (jp) wrote: this is a really interesting story about relationships, committment and love in contexts with which they are not normally associated in mainstream media. buscemi's performance is really entertaining and believable.

Rachel L (us) wrote: classic tear jerker sad love story

Emmanuel S (us) wrote: OK, this feels like a TV movie.

Daniel K (de) wrote: Excalibur is a fairly faithful if heavily abbreviated, retelling of Malory's Le Morte D'Arthur. The visuals are directly from Victorian romanticized depictions of Arthurian myth, and the Wagnerian soundtrack fits that perfectly. The visuals are certainly the strongest part of this film. The whole things is beautifully lit, and the costumes and sets are gorgeous. The one thing that is not romanticized is the violence, which is quite graphic in places, so this is probably not one for young children. While the film is studded with excellent actors, it has come in for criticism for thin characterization and bad dialogue. It's true that the characters are more broad archetypes than believable human beings, but, as with Wagnerian opera, that is really just in the nature of this type of story. Likewise the high-flown dialogue is rather to be expected from this sort of thing, even if it does feel a bit leaden at times. Those weaker aspects of the film not withstanding, Excalibur is a visual feast and certainly one of the better attempts to commit the legend of King Arthur to the big screen.

Scott A (de) wrote: A step in a great direction. Brilliant story telling filled with twist and turns. A must for any fantasy fan.

Mayank A (kr) wrote: Had low expectation looking at the ratings but still decided to watch the movie based on the good star cast and my liking of the genre and got to say I actually enjoyed it a lot. The movie is loosely based on the legend of the forty-seven Ronin, a band of warriors who seek to avenge the loss of their master at the hands of a corrupt minister. The acting is good, the plot solid, some may consider it a tad too long or slow but it's all for a believable conclusion. The only scope for improvement I could see was more build-up for minor characters, no screen time was spent on them and the storytelling could have been better if some time was spend on developing them.

Kameron W (au) wrote: As a huge movie fan and an even bigger sports fan it's great to see a sports film not follow the clich plot line of nearly all sport films. The story of Billy Beane and how he adapted and built a team with only what he was given was insightful on how the business side of sports is run.

jay n (fr) wrote: Starts out charmingly as a frothy, wish fulfillment romantic fantasy. Had it stayed with that concept it would have been a cute comedy unfortunately about 3/4 of the way through the male lead starts acting like an incredible jackass and the film turns dark never finding its footing again. A disappointing miss.

Natalie F (ca) wrote: Not nearly as entertaining as the first, I think the novelty of this concept was exhausted after one film.

Michael G (ag) wrote: If you like Edward Burns movies like the Brothers McMullen (I do) than this will not disappoint. Plus Connie Britton from Friday Night Lights and Nashville what could be bad. This is movie playing in art houses but you can rent from itunes and vudu for the next 30 days.