After the Fox

After the Fox

Criminal mastermind 'The Fox' sets up a phony film production and masquerades as it's director as part of a plan to smuggle a stolen gold shipment into Italy.

Peter Sellers plays Aldo Vanucci (aka the Fox), one of the greatest criminals of the world, and master of disguise. After Aldo escapes from the Italian prison he was held in, he meets again... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


After the Fox torrent reviews

Steve L (nl) wrote: Interesting & entertaining. Essentially a morality tale about putting all your digital security in one basket.

Benjamin G (ru) wrote: Good one. Shows the US debt's alarming situation in 2007 and how their hands are tied vs China and oil exporting countries. I wish the movie was bringing some comparisons of US situation (currently 102% debt\GDP ration) vs other countries like Japan (208%), Greece (165%), Italy (120%), Ireland (104%), Canada (84%), etc. Interesting fact: the US debt\GDP ratio increased from 69% to 102% in the last 4 years.

Dan E (fr) wrote: hip-hop-style western med fruntimmer? tack det r bra nd.

Nancy M (ca) wrote: Don Johnson is charmingly evil in this taut thriller.

FilmGrinder S (ag) wrote: 84% Typical Brits, taking tea during a shootout. A bit slow until the opera scene, then it's a fast final act. Lorre and Celia Lovsky were terrific villians.

Nick C (jp) wrote: Definitely one of Eisenberg's weaker films and yet I was able to sit through it all. It has its high points that actually bring out a laugh here or there but it's probably not worth a second look.

Al L (ca) wrote: again..a clasic of it's time!