After the Storm

After the Storm

Ryota is an unpopular writer although he won a literary award 15 years ago. Now, Ryota works as a private detective. He is divorced from his ex-wife Kyoko and he has an 11-year-old son Shingo. His mother Yoshiko lives alone at her apartment. One day, Ryota, his ex-wife Kyoko, and son Shingo gather at Yoshiko's apartment. A typhoon passes and the family must stay there all night long.

Dwelling on his past glory as a prize-winning author| Ryota (Hiroshi Abe) wastes the money he makes as a private detective on gambling and can barely pay child
support. After the death of his father| his aging mother (Kirin Kiki) and beautiful ex-wife (Yoko Make) seem to be moving on with their lives. Renewing contact with
his initially distrusting family| Ryota struggles to take back control of his existence and to find a lasting place in the life of his young son (Taiyo Yoshizawa) -
until a stormy summer night offers them a chance to truly bond again. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hunter S (es) wrote: Best one in the series

John C (de) wrote: OTIS is a darkly masterful horror/comedy with a sharp pace, loveable (if expendable) characters and solid execution in its favor. A perfect late night horror.

Darren L (es) wrote: This film could have been good, but sadly was not, i have seen better acting in Home & Away, but liked the idea and story. hope someone spends that $50 million jackpot on a remake thats worth watching.

Jon W (au) wrote: Funny at times, kinda just coasts with the premise, not great, but if you're super bored it'll prove amusing enough. Some very funny scenes, mjust not enough of them.

Hoddie C (au) wrote: Fantasticlly intense and gripping horror thriller from REC film maker Jaume Balaguero. Will make you physically sweat with tension.

molly n (us) wrote: this film just sums up how I feel! its like the director made it for me!!!!!!

Brett C (es) wrote: Review In A Nutshell:After seeing Birth, I was torn as my feelings towards the film jumps back and forth from decent to good. As I am writing this, the score I would be giving is the score on how I feel at this moment. Jonathan Glazer has previously swept me off my feet with his crime character study, Sexy Beast, which demonstrated hard hitting and vulnerable performances from Ben Kingsley and Ray Winstone respectively. I came into Birth hoping to see a dominating performance from Nicole Kidman and at the same time be drawn into the intriguing mystery of the film's premise; the former succeeded more effectively than the latter. Glazer has only directed three films and as of now I have seen two; it is hard for me to say if this is Glazer's weakest film as I have yet to see his recent release, Under the Skin, which divided audiences, but I would not be surprised if this film would be ultimately regarded as his weakest film.Birth features a captivating premise of a woman, Anna, gets taken aback when a young boy confesses to her that he is the reincarnation of her dead husband. When I read that, I truly thought this film was going to deliver a deeply impacting mystery that would have me guessing until the final act. Sadly the film slightly lets its curtains swing early on, which allowed me to anticipate the film's final reveal. It is hard to say if Glazer wanted his audience to be in a guessing state, and decided to provide some sort of incentive at the start to hook us, but accidentally showed too much in his attempt to edit the film, or does he intentionally gives us that nugget and solve it early on and instead have our attentions be focused on exploring the internal drives of the film's character and its deeper themes. I think this is an issue that would only occur for those who are watching this for the first time, I want to believe that Glazer is urging its audience to search for something more than its bizarre premise that it was meant to symbolise meaningful for both the protagonist and the audience. Though in saying all this, I was never at all felt bored with what was presented to me. I was, throughout, engaged with the protagonist Anna, wanting to understand on how and what she is feeling with this sudden revelation. Glazer does not let Anna's entire psychological and emotional aspect be completely explained on the surface, it needs a bit off effort from the viewers in order for the internal layers of the character to be revealed; this statement does not only concern for Anna as the supporting characters in this film also were given the same treatment by Glazer.Glazer handles the film's tone effectively by allowing the film's ridiculous idea to be taken seriously, but not to the point where audiences are beaten over the head with it. He provides the film some breathing space, allowing the audience to see the film on how they want to see it; there were a couple of moments in this film where I laughed because I found the situation to be awkward, but I never at any of those points felt that I was being punished for not taking the situation seriously. I think the film's premise is one of the central reasons on why some people could not find themselves be completely engaged with this film; in order to find the gem in this film, one must not be too sceptical and instead be drawn into its emotions. The film seems to have many themes filling the air, but the one that truly stood out to me is the idea of closure. Anna is this broken hearted individual that, after ten years, simply wants to find a sense of closure to her past. Glazer ends the film with an idea that closure is the most difficult thing to do, especially when it concerns with love; years can go by and we do what we can in trying to move on, but memories and feelings of grief will forever stick until the very end.I was thoroughly impressed with Alexander Desplat score, it was actually the first thing that caught my attention when the film started. There was this layer of hope and sadness in his composition, which reflects well with the emotions that the characters are going through in this film.Birth features a good performance from Nicole Kidman as the emotionally fragile Anna. Though I was pleased, I cannot help but feel that it was too easy for the audience to be hit with a role like this, and I was hoping both would go the extra mile in providing something more substantial. Cameron Bright as the re-incarnated Sean was also great, given his limited experience in the profession and the role he is trying to achieve. There were a couple of moments where I was almost completely drawn in to his character, shifting my focus away from Kidman's Anna. Glazer handles the film's supporting cast wonderfully, not allowing the audience to forget their role in moving the film's story and the performances that the cast has brought were uniformly effective.Birth may not be as impressive as Sexy Beast or as ambitious as Under the Skin but Glazer provides enough guidance to keep its audience engaged.

Brendan H (ru) wrote: Ron White & Larry the Cable Guy are the stand-outs for me. Good comedy in a good format.

Bengel W (de) wrote: Laughter all the way as the American dreams come collapsing down around the head of one very silly cop. Stunts are well directed and filmed making the timing it just perfect for the actors to bring fun to the screen. The raciest misunderstanding makes for jolly comedy that has one laughing all over the floor. Nibbles: Battered Sausage and chips.

Meli L (mx) wrote: A telling portrayal of the darkest parts of modern islander culture. On-point.

Brian T (de) wrote: If you just watch the music performances and remind yourself that this movie came out in 1990,you can get through it, great soundtrack!

Justin T (fr) wrote: Dirty, gritty and grimy and everything the first movie should have been (or wanted to be).

Ryan A (nl) wrote: best movie ever. the ship about titanic sank with iceberg

Bill B (kr) wrote: Easily one of the first films that comes to mind when I'm asked about a favorite horror film, this one has the honor of scaring the shit out of me from an early age, and I'm happy to say that it's still got some chilling moments all these years later.Recommended.

Bill B (gb) wrote: This was one of those oddball films that had somehow eluded me even back in the VHS days, so I gave it a spin via Netfux Streaming and I have to say that it was as middling as most '90s horror tended to be.I'm certainly glad this wasn't a blind buy, or I would be full of buyer's remorse, as I have no clue what occasion I would have to re-watch this one.

MR MOJO R (it) wrote: this movie really plays into the understanding of a higher power that may be in control. I would recommend this movie to anyone looking for a reason to believe. I think the story has a lot of deeper meaning than just the visual representation. Its keeps the audience thinking even after its over and allows you to come to your own conclusion of what may have really happened.