When the others leave for the night, the last mortician begins to fondle the corpses. He quickly moves to the corpse of a young woman who died in a car crash.

A short film wherein a man working in a morgue mutilates and defiles one of the corpses. He takes the heart home to his dog. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Aftermath torrent reviews

Benni B (ca) wrote: This is probably the best Dragon Ball Z I've seen, but definitely the funniest and strangest one. Beerus is not the kind of villain we have seen before in this universe, which makes all the more interesting and unique. The jokes hit just as hard as the fights, so basically everything you want from a Dragon Ball movie.

Irene G (br) wrote: Sometimes you find comfort and unconditional love from people who are complete strangers to you, but when you get to know them, you'll see that you're all looking for the same things in life, and that each of you are capable of giving a piece of yourself to make each other complete.

Adam A (fr) wrote: Defines nothingness. I rate films out of 4 stars. (1.5/4)

Brandi W (jp) wrote: This movie is in my top five favorites and has been since the first time I watched it. Listen to the audience and give this one a chance.

Mattias E (de) wrote: Not even the handsome duo of Chow Yun Fat and Andy Lau can make this first installment of Taylor Wongs gangster epos fly properly. Sloppy direction all over, but most obviously in the action sequences. And these triads seem too fucking romantic to me, taking care of homeless puppies and nursing them back to health and stuff. Wong would do better in Triads: The Inside Story only a few years later.

JB R (kr) wrote: An offbeat Hammer production (and hopeful reboot for the studio) is instead something completely different and unique. The film is a fantastic period piece shot like an Italian western. The film maintains a complete grindhouse adventure vibe but with grand cinematic aspirations. At times quoting Ford, Hitchcock, Welles, and Bava this is a film not to be missed. The low budget is squeezed of all its potential and the film is wildly entertaining. One of the few films made by television man Brian Clemens.

Dave S (ru) wrote: You always hear how strange Lewis' movies are, but I think I should be campaigning to remind people how dull they can be. When a movie character gets ESP, it's distinctly uncinematic to have him "prove" this for extended periods of time by doing parlor tricks like guessing numbers people write down - unless we're supposed to be amazed by the evidence that they were, in fact, following a script and that the lead actor was able to remember at least 4 digits at a time.

Mark M (fr) wrote: The first Astaire/Hayworth I've seen and wow, what a pair! I wanted to keep from comparing her to Rogers but she dances so lovely in Astaire's arms one can't help but be at least reminded, and that's a compliment to both Astaire and Rogers. Hayworth is simply stunning, I'm pretty sure she was an unrivaled beauty at the time, and to top it off the girl has got moves. Some memorables: Astaire's solo "Audition Dance" that started off kind of benign with some okay steps but accelerated into a more physical, room-filling dance with great prop work; the "I'm Old Fashioned" number which was so damn classy; and 'The Shorty George", the fast paced tap number. Some added bonuses: the Acuna parents who were such a cute couple, ongoing themes like the "air" and "ice" or "refrigerators", the first time I've heard Astaire's voice crack when confessing his love, terribly romantic one liners, the very pretty Lina Romay as the band leader, and Astaire in knight's armor. Overall, a great dancing movie with a decently entertaining plot to hold it together.

David B (au) wrote: 'Doc, my brother's crazy, he thinks he's a chicken.' And the doctor says, 'Well why don't you turn him in?' and the guy says, 'I would, but I need the eggs.'

Joel C (ru) wrote: Eh it's okay, not bad not great. 2 and a half stars.

Loren R (us) wrote: Bei diesem Film merkt man schon das Quentin Tarantino und Eli Roth involviert sind!Denn das Wunschprojekt von RZA, wo er auch selber noch Hauptdarsteller ist, ist gespickt mit dem gleichen Stil vom Tarantino.Eigentlich ein Kill Bill, nur mit einem mnnlichen Rcher besetzt.An und fr sich ist die Geschichte nicht bel: Gute Gags, blutige Kmpfe (die natrlich wieder vllig bertrieben sind), Schnelle Schnitte und Hip Hop Musik. Leider verspricht der Film auch nichts Neues. Die Story bringt eigentlich auch nur das, dass was schon frher im Fernseher gekommen ist. Der Film ist mehr oder weniger nur gut, wegen den Schauspieler. Sonst htte ich den Film gar nicht beachtet.Fazit: Gute Darsteller, die sich in einer sinnlosen Geschichte, gegeneinander die Kpfe einschlagen!

Christophe M (jp) wrote: Slasher dj vieux de 10 ans avec la regrette Brittany Murphy aux joues bien rondes, c'est plutt sympa avec une histoire somme toute basique mais, pas tant que a. Un tueur s'attaque principalement aux lycens du patelin Cherry Falls, ce qui aura des consquences inattendues sur la jeune population de cette petite ville. En effet, pour disparatre du radar du tueur, une fte orgiaque est organise afin qu'ils perdent tous leur virginit en une soire. Une histoire a priori prvisible mais qui rserve une surprise assez marrante, et prise avec autant d'humour par des jeunes dans le film (un des mecs aimerait que le prochain tueur s'en prenne aux filles qui n'ont jamais fait de pipe !!!). Dommage que le tout soit emball comme un mauvais tlfilm et que l'enqute mene par Murphy ou son sheriff de pre soit expdie, de mme que la rvlation du tueur, balance comme si y'avait rien d'autre foutre. Parce que ce slasher se regarde facilement et en plus on a le grand Michael Biehn !! A voir, ne serait-ce que pour contempler une Brittany Murphy encore "innocente", bien avant que ses dmons intrieurs ne nous l'enlvent pour toujours !