Age Doesn't Matter

Age Doesn't Matter

a film by Mike Relon Makiling.

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Age Doesn't Matter torrent reviews

Muhammed S (es) wrote: Nothing special with a bad payoff to say the least. Using a bit of eye candy to please the audience. Nothing special.

Oscar D (kr) wrote: Straight-to-video derivative actioneer

Jose L (es) wrote: Better than expected.

Dominic O (nl) wrote: fun, slow, but grows on you. Hardly as compelling as the German movie but I don't think they meant to make a sequel as much as run with a formula that worked.

Allison K (nl) wrote: The documentary takes a very neutral approach with the subject matter. Some may argue that it is biased, or that it's trying to create a firestorm of some kind, but from a non-biased perspective, the film is neutral and effectively tells the story it set out to tell.

Dia N (de) wrote: great story, extremly well performd, great quality piece of works by saul dibb. however, i found this film is too violent for all yungsters. for me? luvit!

Del M (nl) wrote: Very good movie of a great story.

Private U (jp) wrote: Very similar to La Vita ? Bella but Begnini did it better...touching tale of a Jewish community with a surprise ending

Aditya M (de) wrote: The most watchable of the Three Colors trilogy due to its relatively lighthearted tone, 'White' is an immigrant song of love, betrayal and revenge.

Laara C (de) wrote: Its not the best, but I actually like it. They're worst movies out there that for some reason have better reviews. This movie, is mostly a movie that you just enjoy the dancing and the whole 70s vibe. Its not meant to be the best movie. Its underrated, sure it has its cheesy moments but watchable.

Hector H (au) wrote: Lee Marvin's great in this film--back when you could win an Oscar doing a comedy.

John R (fr) wrote: 160213: The actors make this film. Some classics here including Brennan, McGee, & Carey Jr. Wayne's Dunson is a bit too intense, or foolishly passionate, for me. It could've been done without Dru's silly involvement. Runs long but a good film nonetheless.

Brian S (gb) wrote: a solid western. a classic story of a peaceful but savvy lawman brought in to clean up a town full of shady dealings and corruption. throw in some standby characters like the femme fatale showgirl, the lovable town drunk, and a sly villain with a gang of thugs and you've got yourself a movie. Stewart and Dietrich are terrific, as are the rest of the cast. the writing is sharp and the story's always entertaining. the band of women storming in to break up their men gunfighting is particularly amusing. overall a fun classic.

Jason B (jp) wrote: Oh, Death Bed, why did I wait so long to watch you?