Agent 505: Death Trap Beirut

Agent 505: Death Trap Beirut

Something bad is being planned in Beirut, and it has something to do with a man called The Sheikh, who has only four fingers. It seems this isn't a lone incident. The Sheikh is also thought...

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Vicky V (au) wrote: awful and pointless film. THough I have now found an actor more wooden than Nicholas cage congrats whichever Baldwin brother was in the film.

David G (ca) wrote: Silent Hill is impressive for a video game adaptation and the closest it has ever been to a good film, but it's still bugged with a muddled plot and inane dialogue.

Nathan M (au) wrote: Girard's "Violin" is a beautifully scored tale of a single instrument, born from passion, and its journey through the generations. The grace of how the different locations and settings, spanning three continents and centuries, are integrated into one continuum through the instrument is quite delightful. The look of each of these settings is authentic, partially because of comprehensive location shooting and partially because of good, grounded production design. All that being said, the largest chunk of praise goes to the soloist responsible for all the violin solos in the film, Joshua Bell. As a violinist myself, I could tell at times that the hand and arm movements looked odd on the non-violinist actors, but the recorded performances by Bell were gorgeous. Some people might criticize this film as being more stylish than substantive, but I would counter that a beautiful story, presented in a beautiful and ambitious way, more than makes up for its immediacy. (22 November 2012)

Aaron K (de) wrote: As far as cheesy direct to video Sci-Fi/Action flicks go this one is pretty good. It's derivative of better films, has little plot, a couple effects are lame, and you gotta suspend your disbelief on a few occasions, but this movie is just so much fun. The cast is game, most of the effects are quite good, the pace is fast and never lets up, the score is cool, there are a few great action sequences, also some coo stunt work, the director adds some stylish touches here and there, and there is a good helping of cheese to make this extra fun. Won't beat classics like 'Terminator,' but if you enjoy a good b movie now and then this is a good pick. The sequels aren't so great though.

Conor R (us) wrote: The best of what the 80's had to offer! Back To The Future is a fun and clever film that focuses on Marty as he travels back in time and meets the younger versions of his parents.

Jennifer (kr) wrote: I really did not understand this movie and I also thought that someof the things said it were just plan wrong.. So 2 better understand this movie I read a book about them.. Well go figure I still think they r crazy..

Andrey B (jp) wrote: Interesting psychedelic movie with outstanding male and female performanes.But too predictable and contrived.

David H (ag) wrote: Grotueske of Great Tracic Marcello Mastroianni is Superb and love this 50's Early 60's Italian Style

Carole T (ru) wrote: I love Basil Rathbone as Holmes and this is one of the better films from the seies. Gripping and no clues as to who the killer might be until the end!

Chris B (ca) wrote: Jean Renoir's The Rules of the Game was a critical and commercial failure upon it's release in 1939 and it wasn't for another 20 years when it would be restored to the original length and earn the success and appraisal it does now. The film is a series of long shots and a focus on catching not just a certain character or place but the entirety of the situation and the players in it. The film is both a drama and a comedy at the same time and bounces between humorous and absurd to downright tragic and unsettling. There is no main protagonist or character, but rather every person has their place and role, one that each performs and captures amazingly well and not at all contrived or rehearsed in it's delivery. The hunting scene near the middle of the movie is truly one of the most memorable and powerful scenes in all of cinema, not to mention one of the hardest to endure in it's brutality as well as it's message. The Rules of the Game is certainly a masterpiece and Renoir an auteur, as this is a look at society unlike most, if not all, others. By this I mean, it is more true and sincere than most. Highly Recommended!

dowdy r (jp) wrote: Another HORRIBLE generic shit-headed lincoln movie.