Agent Cody Banks

Agent Cody Banks

Recruited by the U.S. government to be a special agent, nerdy teenager Cody Banks must get closer to cute classmate Natalie in order to learn about an evil plan hatched by her father. But despite the agent persona, Cody struggles with teen angst.

High-school student Cody Banks wants nothing more than what every other teen wants: to survive the banality of adolescence and become an adult. But he can't! As a part of a secret teen CIA program, he must finish his chores, avoid getting grounded, and save the world all at the same time. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ben D (mx) wrote: At the heart of this movie is a very clever idea - the government capture a ghost. It is intelligenty rendered by writer Jason Arnopp - deveoping an idea he and director Dan Turner developeed in a pub! - connecting it with ideas about the US Military's torture programmes during the Iraq War. The direction is suitably creepy, with some very grotesque images in there that do linger in the mind, but the whole thing doesn't quite work. It's one of those frustrating films in that you know there is something better in there, trying to break out, but it's all gone wrong somewhere between development and filming. Nevertheless, there is much to enjoy in Stormhouse, and for a Friday night with some beers, there are worse choices you could make.

Rabindra V (it) wrote: pretty decent movie,though was a bit boring in the middle but picked up steam and turned out to have an awesome acting.Vinay Pathak surely does deserve mentioning with his impressive acting..

Jacob P (gb) wrote: Scary, entertaining, and original. This film is a complete success to the AfterDark films.

Cande P (jp) wrote: Densa en algunos momentos... hermosa en otros

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Brian K (au) wrote: Taking its cue from other sweeping Civil War epics (Gone with the Wind anyone?) Cold Mountain can't quite muster enough grandeur to be a classic.

Christina S (fr) wrote: Love this movie... so many quotables.

Jedidiah C (au) wrote: Just look at the poster.

Ryan L (au) wrote: I mean, really? Wtf?!

K S (es) wrote: This is one of the funniest films I've seen in a long time. How true is that family? We all have 'em. Would like to add this to my collection. Superb acting and direction, beautiful filming, good local talent found. What could be wrong? I was unable to see this when it first came out and had the good fortune to see it at a one off showing. Thank you! Such a good film.

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Hillary M (nl) wrote: Although I'm certain I saw this years ago I had to give it another watch as I'm working my way through Oscar winners I may have missed. It's a grand movie in every respect is Grand Hotel. Garbo is acting the part of a woman near meltdown, It's terribly enjoyable watching her flamboyance. Joan Crawford is positively scandalous. Just wonderful watching Hollywood Royalty in a film this early in most their careers. I adore John Barrymore.The first movie to knit together several peoples stories. Some of these "old" movies do not stand the test of time. My opinion is this one does.