Agent Red

Agent Red

Matt Hendricks (Dolph Lundgren) is the US Navy's top Marine Special Operations Commander and is facing his toughest challenge yet - Escorting the deadliest viral weapon on the planet back to a safe Storage Faciliy.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:2000
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:explosion,   murder,   fight,  

Captain Matt Hendricks and Dr. Linda Christian are locked in a submarine with Russian terrorists that threaten to launch a chemical virus on US territory. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Luke B (jp) wrote: Looks like it was filmed on a camcorder (probably was). Shots aren't white balanced or even colour corrected. The sound is atrocious, whenever a sound effect comes in all other sounds cut out. The acting is absolute cack. Not scary, not even so bad it's funny, other than from a technical viewpoint. It has one moment of inspiration where the killer jumps out only to be punched in the face and chased. A nice spin on conventional formulas. In it's defence it was probably completed in a week and was never meant to be good.

Jonny P (ru) wrote: "Shrek the Musical" is awesome and this new DVD release brings Broadway to your living room. While nothing can ever match the original computer animated film, this stage version comes close. It's the same enchanting story (or parody of Disney, depending on how you look at it) with new songs and gags that will keep you rolling on the floor. The movie gives the impression that it would be impossible to translate it to the stage, but that just makes the special effects all the more fantastic. With the original Broadway cast at the helm, the acting and singing is a real treat to watch. Brian d'Arcy James was born to play the role of Shrek and is easily the most lovable ogre you have ever seen. The best part of this film is Sutton Foster as Fiona. I never really developed an attachment to this character in the movie but she is just so cute that you have to love her. Daniel Breaker is great as Donkey but nothing can compare to Eddie Murphy. The costumes are amazing as Christopher Sieber is shrunk down to Farquad size, and I love the way that they did the Gingerbread Man and the magic mirror. If you haven't seen Shrek on stage, you need to see this film even if only to gain an appreciation for such a complex fairy tale can be brought to the live stage.

Matty M (de) wrote: Jack the Giant Slayer is a nice film based on the Jack and the Beanstalk story. This movie is fairly put together with your basic comedy and adventure for the youth, all and all a decent family film. For the most part the graphics were good, the acting was fair for the cast which was selected and of course what script was provided to make a story. For the biggest part of the film which caught my attention the most was size proportions. In many instances when the giants and the humans were up close the size proportions varied a lot. The biggest example is where the giants first appeared in the movie with Jack, Jack was the size of the giant's foot, and in others he was the size of their leg, and again in other instances Jack was the size of their heads. Now other than proportions the film is fairly one point with the graphics and artistry. To best describe the acting styling within Jack the Giant Slayer is to simply think of "Robin Hood: Men in tights".One thing I did like about this movie is it's innuendo of mankind's response in a tragedy. In Jack the giant Slayer while the king and the rest of the king's people are are the ground level awaiting the return of the princess, the whole are turned into a fairground; sounds like man's reality huh? lmao yes, this is the typical thing for humans to do when tragedy strikes is to see who can profit the most.

Mark B (es) wrote: big pile of [email protected], shame trying to take on the legendary aliens by 20th centery fox

Rafidah C (kr) wrote: boleh la...suker lagu Hey shona tuh..

Bruno V (ru) wrote: Very good time seeing this one ! Great Performance of De Niro again , also from PS Hoffman (R.I.P) , allthough i don't like man to be that girlie girlie . But great story anyway ! My nr31-movie of De Niro ...SOMDVD

Jeff W (ca) wrote: This gets alot of slack, but it must be viewed with a grain of salt! Its a great little flick, made for only $40,000(or so). Its considered "The Lost View Askew Film" and Kevin Smith called it View Eskews "Red Headed Stepchild". It pretty much fits that bill. Jason Lee's performance is brilliant, and considering he(and maybe Renee Humphry)were the only decent actors in the film for its time they both stand out. Look for a quick kevin Smith cameo as Silent Bob(?)

Jim B (us) wrote: Not one of the greatest movies, but this was probably Kevin Bacons best role.

Gavin M (ca) wrote: Amazing movie! Definitely deserved Best Picture!

Jim M (jp) wrote: 1972: In the aftermath of the massacre of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympic games Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir orders the Mossad to retaliate. A team is put together under the Mossad Officer Samuels (Rod Steiger) and headed up by a young soldier named Avner (Steven Bauer). Avner and his team hunt down the members of Black September only to learn they in turn are being hunted. Not as good as "Munich" but still a good telling of the story (a fictionilized account of true events). The acting is deceint, though this was originaly a made for TV movie, thus it can feel a bit meandering at times. Still worth a watch.

Benjamin W (nl) wrote: While not very up front about its message, "Walkabout" certainly gets its point across. Lots of close-ups and shots of nature show the audience that life is sometimes about constant death. Even so, the morbid bookends to this film were definite transitions for the main characters.

Steve T (ca) wrote: Here's an ironic review: I hated this move. I hated, hated, hated, hated, hated this movie. Girls were cute though - with that 60's go-go dance thing going. Hence two stars. Here's another tip. Watch it with the volume turned down while listening to NPR. Let's see if you get the first reference.

Jennifer W (fr) wrote: Colorful psychedelic occult partytime!

Kathleen W (nl) wrote: I didn't really realise who Nick Cave was until the very end of the film. The whole thing was grand and heroic. I don't know how real (1%) the image of this guy was, or whether I like him, or whether I want to know about him. But I felt it was important that we didn't see him perform until the very end of the film. Where are the women in his life, why are they literally in the back seat? I like that it doesn't really pretend to be a documentary, at least that much was honest.

Paul D (ca) wrote: Although it's definitely well acted and filmed, dear god, if you're not suicidal beforehand you will be afterwards! ??

Andreia C (fr) wrote: Yeah this type of movie isn't for me, I hate movies filmed in 1st person, it made my head hurt with all the shakiness.Positives: Meh, a godzilla type of monsterNegatives: Prepare for a headache.

Regina B (nl) wrote: In my humble opinion, a women's strike should really involve more than that presented in this film; a women's sense of empowerment should not root and stop at their ability for sexual acts. It was highly heteronormative and lacks insight towards the real issue of gang violence. Presents a highly idealized world where "thug wars" can be stopped with the withholding of sex; where forgiveness can be handed out easily. Great concept, but did not deliver. Did not play on the sociological aspects of gangs and violence and community, and how and why these things are normalized in our society, and sometimes deemed as necessary for the thriving of a community.But I highly enjoyed its artistry through poetry and aesthetic.