Agent Vinod

Agent Vinod

In Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhua, RAW Agent Vinod (Saif Ali Khan) is rescued by colleague Rajan (Ravi Kishan) from a rogue Pakistani army officer (Shahbaz Khan). In Russia/Uzbekistan, an ex-KGB Officer is tortured and murdered. In Cape Town, a group of international business tycoons discusses a rumor that the dead KGB officer possessed a nuclear suitcase bomb. In Moscow, Rajan is exposed and shot dead while trying to send a Code Red message to India. In India, the head of RAW sees the incomplete message containing just number 242. Agent Vinod undertakes a globe-trotting secret mission to discover the reason why his colleague, Rajan, was murdered. A series of twists and turns take Vinod across the globe to Morocco and Latvia, Karachi to Delhi and finally London where he discovers the actual conspiracy.

A series of seemingly unconnected events across the world leads to Agent Vinod undertaking a globe-trotting mission to discover why his colleague was murdered. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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