Agítese antes de usarla

Agítese antes de usarla


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paul s (us) wrote: very cliche and the "message" just about hits you over the head - but there are moments of pure joy; as when the 4 oldsters toddle to the picture window to see their young "keeper" tell off her jerk boyfriend. There is certainly no new ground broken here, and the last third lays it on a bit too thick, but just watching Redgrave channeling Peter O'Toole is amazing - every nuance and twinkle in her eye was EXACTLY what was called for. Just watching a true master makes this film a worthwhile watch. But there is more - a beautiful scene that seems to come right out of a Maxfield Parrish print - very 3d, with overhanging trees framing a gently rolling river - to which a dying "inmate" gets wheeled by our heroine. A wonderful line comes just before this, when the dying woman asks to see the river one more time before she passes; she complains that the in house nurse won't let her go for she'll "catch her death". She smiles wanly and says "I think it's death that's catching me". The final analysis is that this is tried and true story, but by managing to stay within itself for the most part, the humanity comes through easily - that and watching Redgrave weave her spell - makes you want to hoist a gin martini in her honor.

Brian B (mx) wrote: Critics on crystal meth, trashed. Terrific movie!

Vince N (br) wrote: The coming of age story of four teenagers in the 60s. The greatest lesson of life is that life goes on no matter what.

Gail S (ca) wrote: peter gallagher at his yummiest

Mark B (es) wrote: Boring, shot like a TV movie, and miscast. Using the same team that made the masterpiece Patton without great writing, Coppola, great directing, Franklin Schaffner, great DPing, Fred Koenekamp, this film does not interrogate the subject so much as it drags us along. Gregory Peck is not a great actor, and his MacArthur is one note, as all his performances are. Joseph Sargent made few good films, and only one great, The Taking of Pelham 1,2,3. A blech film than died quicker than the army left on Bataan to rot.

Brody M (ag) wrote: Something to watch if nothing else is on

Shannon B (mx) wrote: Mae West is just such a woman. Plot was weak and didn't particularly like the end but she was entertaining

Vadim D (gb) wrote: Aside from the really bad ending, this film is kind of fun and creepy. It's a decent follow up to the original and has some impressive special effects for the time. Too bad everything that is fun in here gets overshadowed by a terribly silly ending.

Andrew L (jp) wrote: Stupid film. Bad acting from all involved. Halle Berry is a really ugly person.