Agni Sanskar

Agni Sanskar


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1961
  • Language:Bengali
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Agni Sanskar 1961 full movies, Agni Sanskar torrents movie

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Agni Sanskar torrent reviews

Simeon T (de) wrote: I never thought I'd see a movie released by a studio that is this incompetently made. It seems like a student project, and not one by film students, but one by a bunch of college freshmen who are really into 70's proto-punk (which, based on my experience, is most college students at some point). It reminds me of The Onion bit about the freshman who does his mandatory math project on 70's punk. If this was a student film, it would still likely get a failing grade, but since it has Alan Rickman it can't be seen as this kind of thing. He plays the kind of guy who would always be tired and hung over, but it more seems like he showed up actually tired and hung over, waiting for the paycheck. Still, while this is probably the most ramshackle, badly made movie I've seen, that doesn't mean it is anywhere near the worst or most irritating.

Eric C (ca) wrote: Deepika and Imran (but especially Deepika) could hold my attention for days.

Ramdan A (ag) wrote: "" 1/4, 1/4" 1/4.. ,... ,,...?.. "",,?" 1/4..

Paola S (jp) wrote: Molto scarso. Superficiale

Al M (nl) wrote: A masterful film that depicts narrative snippets from the lives of diverse people in Austria during the Yugoslavian conflicts of the early 90s who are tragically brought together in a random act of violence. Part of Haneke's "Emotional Glaciation" trilogy, 71 Fragments explores the dulled lives of postmodern citizenry and the emotional desensitization forced upon them by constant media exposure. When events such as the situation in Sarajevo, Somalia, and Palestine are equated by the news with Michael Jackson's child abuse scandal, then there is no wonder that many of the characters in the film prove incapable of relating to one another or wander around in abstracted fog.

Neil K (fr) wrote: Let's say you're 2 up-and-coming actors who happen to share a quirky sense of humor and thus become best friends. Rather than wait for some Hollywood agent to find a project for both to star, you decide to just get together and make one. 'Tapeheads' resonates with anyone who's tried to break into the filmmaking industry. With some brilliant cameos, sharp-timing & uniquely witty dialogue, Tim Robbins & John Cusack wind up having a great time (and take the rest of us along for the ride).

Stephanie F (jp) wrote: While I love Natalie Wood, I loathe Tony Curtis so this film was somewhat of a tossup. Luckily Lauren Bacall is there and the maniac car chase was genuinely funny.

Private U (us) wrote: This movie is so awesome. It's haunting and beautiful, Fredric March was just beyond sexy and scary as Death, and in the end, I knew what choice I'd have made! Interesting fact: the supporting cast includes Gail Patrick, a Delta Zeta! Another: This film was remade as Meet Joe Black, and the DVD includes this original film. Yay!

Shaun S (br) wrote: Saw this in filmschool. Weird stuff and slicing eyballs. Pixies!

Charlie G (au) wrote: A female vampire tries to find out why werewolves are after a human

Ed H (mx) wrote: Already screened this excellent western drama with plenty of gun smoke, action and Pare is terrific as a family rancher in search of his daughter! will interview Michael today for June 10th release! @EdArt9