A patriotic doctor lends moral backbone to the broken society of Bengal.

A patriotic doctor lends moral backbone to the broken society of Bengal. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tommy H (kr) wrote: Pretty fun and crazy movie. Keep your expectations low, but awesome thriller.

Ian P (fr) wrote: Appalling, even by tongue-in-cheek standards.Writing, scripting, acting, editing, pacing, direction, cinematography, effects... this fails on every level.The only thing worse than this is Zombie Driftwood.

Michael B (gb) wrote: - one half a star for the most transparent story ever written. +4 stars for Milla because she usually kills zombies. 3.5

Kang R (ca) wrote: Chinese remake version of 2004 "Cellular". This is much more better than the English version.

Joshua W (ca) wrote: pretty great, can't explain why exactly. maybe because its like real life, it did have an incredibly simple plot, but the visuals were good, and for less than 5000 bucks its amazing.

Emily A (br) wrote: Speaks to Baumbach's strengths (showing really toxic dynamics accurately and deeply). Despite all of the characters being seriously unlikeable it was still engaging, although some might wonder what something like this contributes to the world. Not for everybody.

Anna W (kr) wrote: got told off for laughing too loudly in the can you laugh too loudly?

Joe C (ru) wrote: Communist East Berlin is the last setting you'd expect for a film to affirm/restore your faith in humanity. Then again, there are few places where an act of goodness would shine brighter. Sporting what may be the most intriguing premise on this list, Dommersmarck's unassertive and character-driven drama takes an affecting look at Stasi Captain Wiesler, who finds himself embroiled in the private lives of an intellectual couple suspected of espionage he has been assigned to spy on. Ethical and moral dilemmas abound as Wiesler finds himself increasingly torn over the nature of his work. Von Dommersmarck's deep focus sucks you so completely into the story, as he gradually cranks up the tension towards the film's startling climax. If any film is going to be your first to experience the capability of foreign films, this is it.

Harry W (ag) wrote: The idea of Kazaam is hilarious because it's Shaquille O'Neal, a basketball player in the role of a genie. Unfortunately, that's the funniest thing about it. I expected Kazaam to be bad, but I wanted bad comedy rather than bad drama.Kazaam is too gritty and crime based to be a kids movie, too childish to be entertaining for anyone else. It also features cheap-ass visuals, Incredibly fast pacing, ridiculous plot dynamics and a distinct lack of creativity, which I feel can largely be attributed to the poor direction given by Paul Michael Glaser.Obviously Shaquille O'Neal cannot act for crap, but his role as a cult figure and hilarious commoditization is what makes him ideal for the role of Kazaam, and rarely there's a small laugh to be had.But with Kazaam, the screenplay was probably written by a 5 year old who's watched every Disney movie and attempted to fuse the moral lessons with a loose rehash of the plot from Enemy of the State.The cinematography is poor, as is the film editing and the ending with the final wish is was too illogical which is ironic because it's a movie about a rapping genie.The few minor positives are that it's funny to say that you've actually seen this film because of the idea behind it, as well as a somewhat decent performance from young Francis Capra despite being stuck with awful material.I guess i also enjoyed the uplifting ending, but it does nothing to change the poor quality of Kazaam one iota.

Tanner M (fr) wrote: A great first appearance of the famous Camp Crystal Lake killer Jason Voorheese! This film has it's ups, and downs, but still manages to be entertaining. The only problem is it is mostly the same as the original.

patrick d (jp) wrote: Awesome movie, if only for Arnold's explanation of what it feels like to get a pump.

Willy R (nl) wrote: Enorme ce film...Louis de Funes est trop marrant.Et tatatatatat.... apres tagadagadagadagadagadagadagada...

JamesMasaki R (ag) wrote: Bogart joining a white supremacist group in fear of losing his job to foreigners is a hard hitting film that doesn't qualify as 'gangster' but it is a social commentary film. It's good, but it falls under the pitfalls of the drama genre, and obviously in the end, about doing the right thing. Bogart is great in this film, and it's pretty nice to actually see the dangers of intolerance and racism in such an early film. Maybe if more people watched it, things would have been more peaceful... huh.