She is a fortune teller, he is a killer on the run. He gives her a ride and an tragic love affair begins.

She is a fortune teller, he is a killer on the run. He gives her a ride and an tragic love affair begins. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Agonia torrent reviews

Karen I (au) wrote: Wow. I'll never get those 92 minutes back.

Monic T (gb) wrote: Estuvo ms o menos!!!

Deb K (ca) wrote: I watched this movie just to pass the time. I expected more from Channing Tatum. It moved along very slow.

Drew B (gb) wrote: Cool looking movie. To be honest with you I heard the pitch on cinemax 60 and I loved it immediately. I looked for it on demand and found it quickly. Watching it right now and it does have its lol/lmao moments and very witty commentary. Amazing performances for James Franco, Danny McBride IV, and Natalie Portman. Reaching the ending, I laughed the entire movie, what a wonderful ending.

Tristan P (it) wrote: I readily admit that I have jumped headlong onto the French horror bandwagon. As a result I have seen several films I never would otherwise have watched, including Eric Valette's MALEFIQUE. The description "Cube meets Hellraiser" did not sound particularly promising to me, and unfortunately the film more or less deserves that description. (although it is far better than both those overrated films.) Unlike the best 21st century French horror, MALEFIQUE isn't at all gory, but it's done with the same indescribable style that made films like INSIDE and FRONTIER(S) so good. The ending was the best part, in my opinion. It had a kind of EC Comics feel, and was quite a shock. Good but not great.

Johnny B (ag) wrote: Takashi Miike delivers what I consider to be a pretty cool science-fiction movie. A good conclusion to one of the coolest and craziest movie trilogies ever.

Weul S (br) wrote: Soviet surrealist film about Armenian poetry. I just can't. This is too goddamn pretentious, even for me.

Lanky Man P (br) wrote: Cheesy, tacky, and terrible. It gets worse, Kevin James is apparently funny.

Breyana S (au) wrote: funny as I don't know what