On the 3rd of October a twenty-four-year-old student from Vienna kills his lover and chops up her corpse. Her torso is found in a dumpster, other body parts and the head are missing. There ...

On the 3rd of October a twenty-four-year-old student from Vienna kills his lover and chops up her corpse. Her torso is found in a dumpster| other body parts and the
head are missing. There is no clue about the motive of the murder. A silent chronology of the events. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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April V (it) wrote: Fullmetal Platitudes, pretty much. The whole immigration issue wasn't shoved far enough down my throat either, I really cannot fathom what they could have been referring to. You know, just that the Milosian immigrants have names like "Pedro" and "Gonzales." Let's see, wasn't as funny as the FMA usually is, and really just a very forgettable plot. Big deal, Alphonse gets a love interest, again. And did Riza get a line, or did she just keep nodding along to platitudes?

Ty P (jp) wrote: Short, but still too long, with thin characters and an apathetic story. Need I say more.

Phillip D (mx) wrote: This is an incredibly disappointing effort from Inarritu, akin to The Life Aquatic from Wes Anderson and Only God Forgives from Nicolas Winding Refn respectively. As with those films, Biutiful feels listless, unfinished and lacks many of the trademarks that have turned Inarritu into a powerhouse these last few years. Long takes are nearly nonexistent and the majority of the film takes place in minimally lit apartments, robbing Inarritu of any chance to use the cityscape to his advantage. Bardem absolutely kills this performance and earns his Oscar nod here but his work is lost to an intersection of immigration, economics, fatherhood, grief, death, capitalism, relationships and more, which all serve to make this a messy, unfocused film that never really quite settles on an appropriate direction for its star. There is the potential for a powerful story on the underbelly of the European work force and the illegal immigration and exploitation that occurs there but that gets lost in the middle of a cancer/end of life story on Bardem's part which is subsequently lost in Bardem's moral dilemmas, relationship issues and his struggles as a father. Dozens of characters are never fleshed out, eating up screen time but never really delivering anything meaningful to the plot. The brother, Chinese bosses, African sellers and others just never come to fruition as the meanderingly manic plot moves on without them. The movie limps towards the finish, which is really just another weird supernatural tangent that Inarritu fails to connect to the whole. Ultimately however, what really sinks the film is that despite Bardem's best efforts, him, his wife and all of the rest of the characters aren't really likable at all. Biutiful doesn't offer us anyone to connect with and with a confused tone that fails to direct us towards a villain film, I get the sense that Inarritu wanted us to like the flawed Bardem but just couldn't write the lines to make it happen. The results are slow and incredibly sub-par for a director who went on to produce two of the top films of the decade in Birdman and The Revenant. Not worth your two and a half hours.

Dane T (ru) wrote: Tedious and stupid; definitely has that direct-to-video or daytime movie feel.

Sarah F (ca) wrote: i would like to see this

Jon O (au) wrote: one of the greatest ninja movies of all time

Trent G (us) wrote: This was a cute movie growing up. Got to show it to Anisha lately and really enjoyed the throwback to my childhood. Had a good laugh at seeing some of the terrible acting and wires on the spiders, but Anisha LOVED the Ewoks, and in the end, that is all that matters.

Ilenia C (gb) wrote: "Gli intellettuali della mia generazione hanno cercato molto un equilibrio tra la politica e la morale: la ricerca dell'impossibile"

Bill T (br) wrote: Ultrastrange Sinatra curio that has him playing an ex-submarine captain who gets hired to bring up a Spanish Galleon. The Galleon is not there, but he DOES find a sub, well, why not just bring up the sub then? Amazingly, (by himself) he does just that, after this is done, they hatch a plan to use the sub to... hijack the Queen Mary Cruise Ship. Yes, A CRUSE SHIP. This is one very strange movie, with plenty of plot holes, inconsitstencies, and general oddness all around. I'd love to hear the back story behind this one. No wonder this is so hard to find.

Mads W (ag) wrote: I did not enjoy this movie. It was boring and has none from the original cast members from the first movie. I cant belive Jack Arnold had done such a good job in the Creature from the black lagoon and now he made this.

Amy L (ru) wrote: very enjoyable film and loved seeing the four iconic actors (Garner,Eastwood, Sutherland, Jones) pull together this fast paced and thrilling space film ..Four aging astronauts save the day and the earth on the mission to retrieve a Russian spy satellite, unknown until they get there that it is really 6 nuclear warheads. keeps one in suspense until the end.

Ryan W (ru) wrote: It has a few twists & Angelina Jolie gives a good performance apart from that its just your average thriller