Aguas turbulentas

Aguas turbulentas


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2002
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Aguas turbulentas 2002 full movies, Aguas turbulentas torrents movie

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Aguas turbulentas torrent reviews

Julien A (nl) wrote: Rom Com nulle, pas ecrite et pas mise en scene. Ras le bol de voir ce genre de films pas fini et inutile arriver sur nos ecrans.Je n'ai rien contre Charlotte le Bon ou Raphael Personnaz, je suis meme assez client de Jerome Commandeur, qui emporte encore le morceau ici dans un second role ultra classique dans ce genre films, mais le film est totalement stupide et sans charme.

Lucas B (ru) wrote: This film conveys its message very clearly.

Gilly P (ag) wrote: The female roles are weak and you feel no real empathy with themDoug is hilarious and well acted, Rafi is just the most hansome guy I have seen on the big screen this year, but his singing skills don't match his looks.Over all it's disappointing and misses the humour and emotion of shows like Mamamia.

Melissa A (kr) wrote: Sweet story and very family friendly. It went a bit long though. I'm already interested in seeing the sequel.

JH K (kr) wrote: Wong Kar Wai, Tony Leung, Zhang Ziyi... sabes que todo va a ir bien... pero ni sorprende ni da al publico lo que quiere. Si haces la peli del maestro de Bruce Lee no uses el desamor como motor, que para eso esta cualquiera de tus otras peliculas.

Carlos M (gb) wrote: The tranquility and sounds of the forest have a calming effect, like listening to the rain or having a massage, and I like how the characters develop a bond that goes beyond the language barrier, but the film stays on the surface of sensations and feels only inconclusive.

Jenna S (ca) wrote: ughh this movie was so stupid.. I get that these kids are supposed to be all effed up but if only they were somewhat interesting.. Only decided to watch this because of Leighton Meester, and her getting high off shrooms with most entertaining part of this flim

Christopher G (jp) wrote: Not bad for a TV movie.

Jacky W (fr) wrote: Lovely movie, kind of the same theme with All about Lily chou chou but with a director of a different style. Stylish, fun, unique and I love how it ends.

Jason A (ru) wrote: My personal favorite Paul Hogan movie. This beats the first Crocodile Dundee because of the scene where he's telling Cuba Gooding, jr. to "suck out the poison." Priceless.

Ali E (kr) wrote: Decent comedy with some pretty outrageous events throughout

Michelle F (jp) wrote: Obscure favorite. Great rendition of Williams stage play. Page is brilliant.

Michael H (de) wrote: Man Made Monsteris the picture that launched Chaney Jr. as a horror star??and the film that served as the template for the assembly-line horrors that marked Universal??s 1940s releases.

John B (ru) wrote: Dreadfully dull tale featuring a very young John Wayne talking about probably the most boring cross Atlantic trip ever taken. Someone is a German spy on board and the audience doesn't care.

Stanley C (br) wrote: I did see Seth Rogen's talented humor here, but this animated Godzilla rip-off for children has directing and writing as lazy as the film's iconic titular heroes. It's like DreamWorks Animation doesn't even care if they get their ass handed over to Pixar at the box office and stock market.

Tim D (es) wrote: I enjoyed this film and found myself quite drawn to it. Good story and acting and the end you just don't expect at all

Matthew D (ag) wrote: There is no vantage point that can redeem this film.