Sudarshan Sahni would like his son, Raju, to marry his Europe-based friend's daughter, Rita, but Raju is in love with Anu, and both plan to marry each other. Anu's dad, Pradeep Rai Choudhry, does not approve of Raju, and warns Anu not to have anything to do with him, in vain though. Both Anu and Raju elope, and get married and re-locate to a small and remote village, where they spend several months in perfect harmony. It is then that their respective parents come to know of their location, and descend on them to bring them back to their world.

Sudarshan Sahni would like his son, Raju, to marry his Europe-based friend's daughter, Rita, but Raju is in love with Anu, and both plan to marry each other. Anu's dad, Pradeep Rai Choudhry... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ahsaas torrent reviews

Sharon R (us) wrote: Had potential - didnt deliver, ending rubbish. All in all, a film not worth watching

Poulami P (ca) wrote: sweetest movie ever....it a repetation of my life...

Filippo V (mx) wrote: Le scene d'azione sono molto divertenti e intrattengono senza problemi. Il suo umorismo molto particolare lo rende uno dei film pi strani che io abbia mai visto, viste le situazioni paradossali e assurde che si vengono a creare. Anche se porta poche risate, il film comunque merita una piena sufficienza per il suo stile unico ed inimitabile.

Anna R (us) wrote: Ethan Hawke can do no wrong :)

Brad S (it) wrote: I only had time to watch the last 20 minutes before it expired from Netflix Instant tonight. But what struck me on this viewing is how great the editing is with those quiet flashback scenes intercut with characters processing the memories. The images just feel so authentic and emotional. Powerful stuff that holds up 35 years later. And of course the performances are still fantastic. The film is a little heavy handed at times, but for the most part, it holds me and brings me into this damaged world in such a strongly relatable way.

alfredo c (ca) wrote: the title INCUBUS must refer to what the people experiments when watch such a stupid movie like this... it seems really a incubus

Kevin C (de) wrote: One of Hitchcock's best, and that saying a lot

Isabelle S (ca) wrote: Bon divertissement! J' aime toujours voir l' actrice principale( autrement que dans la srie de film connu). Il tait plaisant de revoir Elizabeth Shue aussi. Dommage que l'on devine avant la fin qui est le mchant. voir, sans se casser la tte.

Bryan J (us) wrote: All things considered, this movie was somewhat likeable. BUT, there were plenty of inexcusable plot issues to downgrade the experience. The film moved way too fast for its own good...so fast that it forgot a great deal of character development. But that said, there is still enough to be enjoyed for one watch. Makes for a decent rent...not much more.

Ernie P (kr) wrote: Disappointing! Less than thrilling! No common sense ending! Wanted my money back!

Nathan B (gb) wrote: Funny comedy with the great John Candy! I love how he puts up with nobody's crap! I love Amy Madigan and of course, Laurie Metcalf! I wonder if the Federal Express (FedEx to those who are younger than 25) man ever came, and if he was cute! I'd say if you haven't seen it yet, please do so! You'll be glad you did!

Filipe C (fr) wrote: Hanks services the narrative without taking many risks and the result is a documentary focused more on the business side of Tower Records when it really should be about the music and its impact on the world around it. The artist is always bigger than the retailer and it seems like only Springsteen captured the poetry behind such a potentially interesting subject.