Ai ye nu peng you

Ai ye nu peng you

Ah Man is killed in a hit-and-run, but is ordered to return to earth. Unfortunately, he's just been cremated, so he returns in the body of a beautiful woman.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1992
  • Language:Cantonese
  • Reference:Imdb
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Ai ye nu peng you torrent reviews

Tariq H (gb) wrote: A good combination of quality acting, awe inspiring visuals, and action. The pace of the movie accelerates in a steady way to the chaotic way, and the heroism of those involved will inspire you.

Brandt C (us) wrote: The guy that the synopsis called "charming" I find unbearably annoying. Just the way the character is written. Not badly written, just gets on my nerves personally.

Paul D (ag) wrote: It take the classic original film and builds on what is known from it. It can feel similar in places for this, but it's not a bad effort.

David L (nl) wrote: A reasonably entertaining supernatural thriller which casts a a pair of identical twins who use their powers of telekenesis to torture people who stand in the way of their goal, which is to make movies in an attempt to understand what it feels like to be scared. Ever since birth, nobody has been able to keep them apart in order to prevent the havoc they raise, that is until a new student, typically an attractive young girl, arrives at the school. She gives them attention they have never previously received from anyone other than one another and unintentionally begins to draw a barrier between the two boys. A very strange plot but it's nevertheless acted and staged very well as we follow the detective in his quest to ascertain the twins guilt to the recent spate of deaths. There are some clever plot links and good graphics but one can't help thinking this lacks the sinister genius that Stephen King was able to produce in the likes of Carrie.

Ken D (fr) wrote: Such a bland movie. It was so boring and slow. I must say that the ending though was pretty cool, but that was the only good thing about this movie. A nice payoff for anyone who could sit through this snoozefest.

Sherry R (gb) wrote: Actually not bad at all, plus the music was catchy, sounded like something Blue Man Group would do.

Jacob F (br) wrote: If you tend to be frustrated about not understanding how a character feels at any given moment in a movie, this is a family movie for you and your child that just reached puberty.

Viktoria J (ca) wrote: So bad its good. A movie with a plot so muddled it makes your head spin. The randomness is entertaining but it really keeps the movie from going anywhere. Did a woman write this? Anchor Bay Entertainment. So ironic for a movie that sinks so far down the shitter. Although I have seen WAY worse then this.

Michael H (br) wrote: I'm about 10 minutes away from turning it of and playing kids cross country on Marvel VS Capcom. This movie is whack.

Jared B (kr) wrote: Guilty pleasure in it's fullest form.

830615521 (mx) wrote: It's my childhood movie and still love it and still laugh at the scenes.

Marianina S (fr) wrote: Tom Hanks is really good in that movie but the story is bad so is the direction

P P (br) wrote: Throne of Blood is not my favourite Kurosawa but I still love it (and the arrow scene at the end)! If someone wanted to watch a version of MacBeth, I'd recommend this one first.

Caroline C (nl) wrote: Excellent film seen it many times