This Italian film version of Verdi's opera stars Sophia Loren on the screen, with Renata Tebaldi providing the vocals.

This Italian film version of Verdi's opera stars Sophia Loren on the screen, with Renata Tebaldi providing the vocals. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nathan F (gb) wrote: Godard being frustratingly anti-social; co-starring himself as a failing director, this film is not without its memorable scenes (as no Godard movie is) or sharp humor; but is loosely-hung around a few vaguely-defined ideas, probably purposefully, but Godard's free-form wanderings like this, Passion, and his other late-term revival films were never as tight as his early New Wave canon. Enjoyably explicit; Godard's idiosyncrasies remaining enticing to watch, but in this instance, only for true fans of the genius-at-play.

Oliver E (ag) wrote: Uninteresting for most of the running time (to me) but I genuinely didn't expect the ending twist.

Allan C (br) wrote: Isaac Hayes plays ex-football players Mack "Truck" Turner turned bounty hunter fighting a foul mouthed madam, played by Nichelle "Lt. Uhura" Nichols, who hires killer Harvard Blue and his men (led by Yaphet Kotto as Blue) to get revenge for killing her man. The story here isn't all that interesting, but Nichols is a terrific villain (or maybe it's the novelty of seeing the very dignified Lt. Uhura constantly spouting profanities) and the film features pretty much wall-to-wall action that's well directed by Jonathan Kaplan. Kaplan, who'd go on to direct some quality films like "The Accused" and "Unlawful Entry," got his start with the Roger Corman school of filmmaking (same as Martin Scorsese, Jonathan Demme, Ron Howard, Peter Bogdanovich, Francis For Coppola, Joe Dante, John Sayles and many others of note) starting his career with low budget exploitation films like this. But back to this film, you also get an excellent score by star Isaac Hayes that's every bit as good as his score for "Shaft." And one last of note, I think the hospital shootout featured more innocent bystanders getting shot than I've ever seen outside of a Hong Kong action film.

Dorianator F (es) wrote: Very good movie. Good acting, great plot, great writing, and good cinematography. I very much enjoyed it, but I did not like how some parts were drawn out. The movie proves that women are evil lol

Brad B (it) wrote: Look past the "out of the norm" acting and you will find a good movie with a great meaning. The world would be a better place if only all Hollywood movies inspired people to stand for what they believe.

Tony M (us) wrote: Very interesting look at one of the most famous metal bands, though it does get over longed with a lot of moments of the band whining.

Steven B (it) wrote: don't understand what all the hype was about...thought it was pretty average at best!

bill s (jp) wrote: Artistic value be damned....I enjoyed this pure star vehicle ride to cheesy action westernville.