Ainthu Ainthu Ainthu

Ainthu Ainthu Ainthu

Aravind (Bharath) suffers a serious brain damage from a car accident. He is somehow convinced that he lost his lover Liyana (Mirthika) in the unfortunate accident, but his brother (Santhanam) swears that the girl did not even exist.

Aravind (Bharath)loses his girl friend Liyana (Mirthika)in a car accident and he lives with her memories. But, people around him try to make him believe that he is just hallucinating and no... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim G (it) wrote: Competently done, sort of annoying characters but the action saves it.

LexiNJeff L (fr) wrote: this movie is very creepy but it's worth watching!

Johnathan M (us) wrote: This film really tapped into the tough decision that may have to be taken in a conflict and the fights against terrorism. The film does a good job of portraying the tension and turmoil. Edge of the seat at times.

Bart G (kr) wrote: First watched in 2006. I thought that is was well done. But sad. Also.....first Emile Hirsch film watched!!!

Eric J (it) wrote: The lead character is slightly intriguing at first, but it goes downhill and gets really bad after the first 30 minues

Robert l (br) wrote: Lucy Liu Naked grrrr...

Jennifer B (fr) wrote: A super fun cheesy movie about a young girl band trying to make it. The music isn't that great but, it's certainly entertaining. Julia Roberts is not really the lead, as may be expected, she is actually less in the spotlight and the ditziest character. It's Justine Bateman who steals the show in this one! A GREAT leading lady. I also really enjoyed Britta Phillips and there is a cute romance with the rebel Trini Alvarado.

Jack P (us) wrote: As a fan of the manga and the 2003 anime series, I am sad to say that this is another mistreatment to the series. Once again an attempt to bring the franchise to the west fails and should be forgotten. Cage is entertaining though.

Jesse F (mx) wrote: Great performances and marvelous direction with a great story and sympathetic characters, Black Snake Moan is one of the best films of the year.

Brian A (ru) wrote: As many have stated the premise for the movie is solid, however, the rest of the film is a complete let down. Considering the amount of praise lauded on this movie, you would think it could do more than have an original plot. Beyond that the film has practically no redeeming qualities. I do not believe the director for a second when he claims it isn't about a sexual tranmitted demon and is, instead, about the damage done by a traumatizing sexual encounter following/haunting the victim forever. The main protagonist (and aforementioned victim) confronts the person responsible fairly early in the film and does not seem traumatized by him or her experience with him in the slightest. Additionally, it was completely and unashamedly boring throughout the majority of the movie.

Li G (mx) wrote: Sad but real portrayal of a difficult marriage

Wade H (au) wrote: One of the Best Westerns Ive seen the Cast was Great!