Air Bud 3

Air Bud 3

In this second heartwarming and hilarious sequel to the popular favorite, Air Bud masters two new starring roles: soccer (real football) player and fatherhood. Loaded with laughs and cool soccer action, Buddy teams up alongside U.S. women's soccer greats.

A boy and his dog take on the world of soccer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryan M (br) wrote: A hero in his own country and a villain everywhere else.

Steve B (gb) wrote: Great low budget flick. Not great, but well watchable for zombie fans

Barry T (mx) wrote: Cheap silly but somehow utterly watchable. Local yokel killers in

Lunitaria C (fr) wrote: This was an amazingly intense movie - excellent and unvarnished - well-acted by all.

Sing Chie T (nl) wrote: War on terror from a different prespective

David T (mx) wrote: Disney Pixar crafted the life of cars, which was not eager for the audience. it has its moments, but is not as memorable as some other movies.

Webster F (de) wrote: Miserable outing marking the start of Seagal's mature period - his worst ever film! I love the scene where the car is doing about 90 and then suddenly the bluescreen background stops moving and nobody even jolts in the car.

arif s (ca) wrote: a film which brings life to every subservient people who fights for their of the greatest film ever made in the indian film history...........great great great!!!!!!

Harry W (nl) wrote: All The Pretty Horses wasn't the most interesting novel to me so I wouldn't think that if it was a poor adaptation of the novel that half the changed would bother me.The first thing that did bother me, however was the fact that a All The Pretty Horses cuts off a significant amount of the importance from the first scenes in the novel and paces it exasperatingly fast for a western film or particularly one based on such a slow novel. It gives no depth or explanation into why the characters are traveling, rather giving a rushed summary of some of the most important events in the story. It eventually deteriorates into being a dramatically uninvolving story which makes it a boring one with little entertainment value or understanding of what importance it's source novel had as it follows a completely different film style which includes changes such as translating the Spanish language from the original novel which takes away its bleak ambiguity which made it important or relevant whatsoever. Frankly, Billy Bob Thorton takes the opportunity to adapt a classic of western literature and dumbs it down to Kim Kardashian standards. His direction was effortless and terrible on All The Pretty Horses, and he deserves a Golden Raspberry Award nomination for his errors as director of Cormac McCarthy's western piece.Eventually, All The Pretty Horses deteriorates into being an unintentional comedy because the general quality of it is so low and so poor that watching the blank expressions on Matt Damon's face became humourous to me. I mean, I didn't really enjoy the novel but the film is one of the most scandalous western wastes I've ever seen, and remember I've seen Heaven's Gate. All The Pretty Horses should have its entire title dubbed to something else so audiences don't think it's pretty or in anyway related to Cormac McCarthy's novel. Truly, Billy Bob Thorton gives some of his worst direction here, because he decides to strip the subplots off down to the bare story as then only bother to capture less than a third of it in an inaccurate and poor manner, dragging down the talents of the cast with him by wasting their skills on a mediocre script and having them use sub-par acting.When I say sub par, I mean that Matt Damon underacts, and Penelope Cruz overacts so poorly that they have the chemistry of William Shatner and Kristen Stewart. And in case that reference isn't clear, that would be bad chemistry. And this IS bad chemistry. And eventually, I forgot the character Blevins ever existed because Henry Thomas seems to have just petered out along the way.This film just sucked, as did its editing, shaky cinematography and rough visual quality.The only thing keeping me from calling it one of the worst movies of all time was that I found myself generally impressed with Lucas Black's performance as Jimmy Blevins was great. He put understanding into the character and conveyed who he was: a confident and strong man in a chulds body, and I believed him. I actually learned more about Jimmy Blevins thanks to Lucas Black's performance, so things completely bad even though he gets stuck with a flimsy script.Also, the music was ok.But overall, there is nothing Pretty about All The Pretty Horses and I'm sure 57 better films could have been made on the $57 million budget that this film was produced on.

wedstarfish 8 (es) wrote: Succeeding at being rather bad but enjoyable, Leprechaun is the very first installment in the horror movie franchise that honestly was dragged on for way too long. Obviously, this film is the best installment out of the entire series. In this typically bad directed but overall enjoyable film, a 400 year old leprechaun goes on a brutal killing spree to find the missing pieces of his gold. Despite Jennifer Aston's debut as an actor, the acting is really off, and it ends up being awkward at times. The film also suffers from bad elements of directing and production as well. Overall though, it's a pretty fun horror comedy that ends up being its own clever and creative thing. Definitely the most well directed (and best) film out of the franchise.

Harold L (nl) wrote: This is a very underrated film. It is smooth and whimsical and just dark enough to keep it interesting yet acceptable for younger audiences. Excellent performances all around and oustanding script in the final cut due no doubt to Bradbury's direct contributions. I have enjoyed rewatching it. Wonderful outstanding performance by Jason Robards.

Ed P (gb) wrote: There is one good scene, where they all shake hands. And there is lots of gratuitous and completely unnecessary nudity. Aside from that, there's not much. If you like "Airplane" - type humour, you'll get a hoot out of this.

Trinity C (fr) wrote: This sounds interesting...

DC F (ca) wrote: Another misinterpretation of Skinheads. The movie itself had an okay plot, but Skinheads are the way they are for a cause and it was unnecessary to make our main characters anything other than Gutterpunks which I found pointless other than giving relevance to a riot with Asian-Aussies.

Jenna W (br) wrote: This was a very uplifting movie. Now I'm off to watch hallmark movies as I fall asleep I love relaxing movie nights.

Jos M (ag) wrote: Lo mejor que hizo Stallone en los 90's fue Cliffhanger y Cop Land esta pelcula es una de las peores.