Meenakshi, a Marathi gal with an ultra-sensitive sense of smell, lives her life in her dreams, dancing and enacting her favourite actresses Sridevi, Madhuri and Juhi. Not believing in arranged marriages, Meenakshi awaits her prince when she comes across Tamil artist Surya, to whom she is strangely attracted to.

A woman goes on the hunt for her dream man, armed with her wild imagination, her passion for Masala-films, and her ultra-sensitive sense of smell. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Aiyyaa torrent reviews

Jeff T (au) wrote: It's awesome in its own way!

Armando P (nl) wrote: Simply put La Grande Bellezza is a beautifully filmed and mesmerizing movie.

Bndicte C (ru) wrote: Audierne comme si on y (C)tait! part les paysages qui me rappellent mes ann (C)es pass (C)es dans le Cap ,pas grand chose dire...

Samra M (ag) wrote: Modern day fairy tale - with a fairy god mother, a damsel in distress (who is a widow mother of two kids) and the princess who needs a lesson on the hardships of life (rather a mother and teacher who is too self obsessed with her own life) ...! Nice, sweet and cute made for TV flick ... which touches just the right heart strings and emotions to connect with the audience ... !

Brian P (au) wrote: Neat plot and story...the action was just a little slow. Jeff Daniels as a bad guy doesn't seem to work.

Jonathan D (ca) wrote: i still love inspector gadget and it's still the best movie.

Andy C (jp) wrote: Caught the end of this day I'll see it all and if I laugh as much as I did during the moments I saw...well I will have laughed a lot

Samra M (fr) wrote: Interesting yet disturbing at same time! Message of the movie remains unclear .... though the performance from the lead Carol Kane is extremely powerful !!!

Andy G (us) wrote: Swimming with sharks is a very good movie about an assistant to a movie producer that is very mean to him and has to put up with it. very good cast. B+

Kim B (es) wrote: Kind of kiddish and oh so 80ish. I've only seen parts bc its always on tv. Funny to watch just for the outfits and dances from that decade. It has some of that old-school hip-hop in it. When I was younger and would see this I wanted to go to a party like that, but now it's just pretty lame and corny. OMG that hair.

Jack G (jp) wrote: There's a scientist guy with a memorable beard... thats about it

Calvin C (us) wrote: If you told me this was Streisand's first film role ever, I wouldn't believe you. This is how good her Oscar-winning performance is. Many memorable songs that are repeatedly belt out by any Broadway hopeful. The final act falters a little bit with its melodrama, but Streisand never loses a step and entertains from start to finish.Grade: A-

Brandon S (br) wrote: A witty script, charming performances, and sufficient direction. It's a perfect encapsulation of the best of Miramax's mid-1990s catalog.

Julio Csar R (fr) wrote: TOCABA UNA DE SERIE B!LO MEJOR: Que es amena e inocua.LO PEOR: Todo lo dems. Desde sus dilogos absurdos hasta sus chistes facilones.

Jose Luis M (ca) wrote: V lido el esfuerzo de Barbara Streisand , Yentl es una musical sobre el derecho de todo ser humano a aprender . Excelente direccin , buena ambientacin , interpretaciones , fotografa y canciones memorables .Recomendable.