Middle-classed young and dashing Rohit Kumar Saxena falls in love with wealthy and lovely Reshmi, and both decide to get married. Reshmi's dad, the wealthy Diwan Sardarilal is strongly opposed to this marriage, but relents when Reshmi refuses to marry anyone else. As a result, Rohit and Reshmi get married. Shortly after their marriage, Reshmi gets pregnant, news that is very well received. Then Reshmi enters a beauty pageant, and wins it - being crowned Miss India, with offers to travel abroad. Reshmi decides that she does not want the child now, but Rohit opposes this decision. Both quarrel, and separate, and Reshmi goes back to live with her dad. Shortly thereafter, Sardarilal sends a legal notice to Rohit asking for a divorce. Devastated, Rohit seeks employment, and finds it as a station master at a remote hill station. He meets with Reshmi and her dad, and is humiliated because he is poor.

Middle-classed young and dashing Rohit Kumar Saxena falls in love with wealthy and lovely Reshmi, and both decide to get married. Reshmi's dad, the wealthy Diwan Sardarilal is strongly ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ajanabee torrent reviews

Fivos G (fr) wrote: Not crying is NOT an option. Great documentary.

Ilse B (ru) wrote: Now I have watched all the Jesse Stone movies, sad it's over. I wish I could write like Robert B. Parker. Unfortunately he died early this year.

Jess M (kr) wrote: Entertaining. If nothing else, it was interesting seeing "Kevin" from the Office play a serious role, and if not for the integral role of the Catholic Church (and message therein), I would have enjoyed the movie quite a bit more.

Ruben L (jp) wrote: Being an atheist, anything about religion or Jesus really doesn't do it for me. This documentary, although sort of cheesy, had a great definitive message about commercialism and consumerism. Really never answered the question, but made you think about it.

diana s (it) wrote: The theme is about main actress Andy how to succeed step by step from poor fashion to replaced first assistant and win her cruel boss's respect. Also this movie tells the bitterness behind success and the business field of scheme. The film is set in NYC. I love the fashion. So I really enjoy watching And change clothes everyday. They are so vogue. The accessories like hats, bags, necklaces match her clothes perfectly. I'll recommend it to people who love the fashion. it's funny and a bit sad.

Entertain Me O (es) wrote: 56%I think this is a movie about Lee Augustus finding his family.

Chad H (jp) wrote: Walter Hill and John Milius' love letter to Peckinpah, Powers Boothe is a rompin, stompin scenery chewing bad guy in this film and you love him for it

Debra D (gb) wrote: Beautiful scenery and moving story of wolves.

Angelica L (mx) wrote: "OOSKAAAR!" "Flytta p dig Haj-August, hr ska jag fram!"

Marrick A (us) wrote: A classic. Also Raquel Welch looks delicious. These want-a-be starlets can learn a lot about femininity and sensuality watching her performance.

Orlok W (ru) wrote: One of the best of a very funny series!!

Gitters (ca) wrote: Jerry Lewis moves into a house full of women.

Dinesh B (it) wrote: nothing short of a brilliant masterpiece by Ozu. Truly the best work from the master himself. Knee level cinematography and director slowly narrates the family values one has to overcome during old age. Loved it

Luke R (de) wrote: Nicolas Cage does every kind of drug imaginable in this movie, I was entertained.

John Andrew C (gb) wrote: This is a pretty dumb movie. But it has some fun moments and yes pamela anderson is partly the reason i watched this movie. Not muchg of a script and alot of bad dialgue. But if you want to see a movie at midnight drinking a few beers then you might find it bearable or a time waster.

Timothy P (br) wrote: Not the greatest movie, but very enjoyable. And attempts to touch on more complex emotions and themes than your typical 1950s war movie.

Ryan S (mx) wrote: Some parts are great, and it has an amazing, Gothic look and feel. However, too many things in this movie disappoint.

Willie P (gb) wrote: It's a crappy movie that only gets worse with the plot twist.

Giovanni M (es) wrote: All three of its leads are great and it has a supporting cast that deserve a movie of their own, The Kings of Summer is a lot funnier than the average Sundance dramedy and much better than most summer blockbusters.

Carlos I (mx) wrote: Decent take on the Jekyll and Hyde story, I like the ending and the vague attempt at trying to connect it with Jack the Ripper. Perkins plays it a little too over the top though. And what, was this some kind of social commentary on the crack epidemic of the time...?