He may be small because he is just a kid, but Ajiboy is not just any kid. Quick-witted and smart-mouthed, he is entrusted by his father Fauzan to manage and care for Malacca’s Water Theme Park for a short while as he has matters to attend to. However, Ajiboy’s abilities are doubted by Cumi and Mat Saja, the park’s supervisors who love to take advantage of their positions by giving freebies away to women. When Ajiboy finds out, he decides to punish the two by demoting them to menial cleaning tasks, which prompts them to commit a betrayal. As if he does not have his hands full already, Ajiboy has to find a wife for his father in order to fulfil his deceased mother’s wishes.

He may be small because he is just a kid, but Ajiboy is not just any kid. Quick-witted and smart-mouthed, he is entrusted by his father Fauzan to manage and care for Malacca's Water Theme ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeffrey C (us) wrote: Entertaining yet not kitsch.

David M (es) wrote: Another true story-doco in the form of a feature length movie. I always find these stories fascinating & in terms of the subject matter here, virtually dumbfounded. 3 YEARS?! Poor lost Joyce. Just goes to show no matter how much we populate & urbanize the planet, people still fall through the cracks completely forgotten & unnoticed. As selfish as it sounds, this movie made me think more of my own mortality but I think that's the aim.

Franois M (ca) wrote: La rvolte des femmes... Bien film. Bien jou... revoir dans la version originale sous-titr, car la traduction m'a agac tout le long.

Jon A (ru) wrote: One scene is just so sick and twisted the writer of this film and director need locking up for real, I mean this. This was shown on the Horror Channel right now. Not fit for telly, even on in middle of night. This film needs to get banned. No-one should be allowed to watch this, way too violent. More violent than Wolf Creek films and Saw and Wrong Turn.

Dawn E (nl) wrote: Awful made for TV movie. Even the story line was a little far fetched. Glad it at least had a happy ending.

Gabriel K (fr) wrote: I was hoping for a hilarious black comedy in vein of "Adam's Apples" and with excellent Danish cast, how could you go wrong. Well... the story seemed familiar and the jokes were not that funny. The "flashbacks" didn't really work and added little to the movie. I did get a few chuckles, but in the end this was disappointing.

Brian P (jp) wrote: The best "Animals playing sports" movie of all-time. "Well...there's no rule that says a sasquatch can't play basketball." Isn't that the truth...

Tim S (mx) wrote: The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! is the movie version of the cult classic TV series Police Squad, which only ran a few episodes but became very popular later in its life. Many of the characters, jokes, and ideas have been carried over, and have been given a more cinematic flavor to them. Leslie Nielsen is, of course, perfect in the lead role, but there's also some great stuff with O.J. Simpson, George Kennedy, and Priscilla Presley as Nielsen's love interest. The latter character was used in the sequels, which are all great movies, but none feel as straightforward and as fresh as the original Naked Gun. Like it's many spoof contemporaries, it's a film for a select audience, but an audience with an attention span and some intelligence.

Simon H (de) wrote: Bad acting, surprisingly good score and predictable 80s plot. Still awesome regardless.

Kostas A (es) wrote: Excellent performance by Mickey! Resembles the latest one, which have been awarded for from the academy, in the wrestler.

Niklas R (au) wrote: Quite alright for being cheap action. + for originality, + for the turnaround from what looks like a completely hopeless situation for the main chararacter.

Jeff B (fr) wrote: Pretty good movie about an old man raising his four musically talented daughters. The daughters fall in love throughout the film, so the story is a bit cluttered throughout. At times I had trouble distinguishing which daughter was which (because 3 of the 4 daughters are sisters in real life). Claude Rains was very good in the film playing the father. John Garfield was good too, but his character sort of showed up out of nowhere. Anyway, it's a sweet, harmless movie, but nothing really special.

Laura S (ag) wrote: I liked it a lot. The only issue I had with it was the cliche technique they used that's used in a lot of movies where they make the FBI or other law enforcement look inept and like the criminals are always a step ahead. Case in point...Jem was dressed as a cop and the FBI and cops were all firing on him and killed him. Jon Hamm's character knew he was dressed as a cop but then he just watched as Ben Affleck, also dressed as a cop, drove away in a police car. He didn't even flinch and wonder if maybe that wasn't a real cop driving away. I just think the FBI, in particular, are pretty smart in real life and a cliche in a lot of movies is that they're inept buffoons. It's funny in many movies, but I think it wasn't appropriate to make them look bad in this movie. I realize the criminals in this movie needed to stay free to keep committing crimes. They should have just avoided scenes where the FBI looked like idiots. It would have added more realism to the story.

t w (ru) wrote: Incredibly stupid but a fun time to watch