Ajuste de cuentas

Ajuste de cuentas


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1983
  • Language:Spanish
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Ajuste de cuentas torrent reviews

Issac L (br) wrote: A prequel of the colossal moneymaker DETECTIVE DEE AND THE MYSTERY OF THE PHANTOM FLAME (2010, 7/10), which dominated the box office of Chinese National Holiday week (starts from 1st October) three years ago, and a similar (if not higher) lucrative income will repeat this year in the 7-days stretch too. Saw the 3D version inside a hustle-and-bustle local multiplex with a full house audience, righteously Hark Tsui's strenuous endeavor in the state-of-the-art technology of visual stunt pays off handsomely this time, the film confidently dispenses awesome CGI full views to parade Tang Dynasty's palatial splendor, and conjures up a PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN derivative island quest, with nighttime cliff skirmish proffers a taut engagement of amazement, culminates with a sea dragon showdown to gratify the long-awaited anticipation. Also there are ample presentations of novel martial art feats (anti-physics notwithstanding) to cater for the target audiences. But the film is at best to be referred as satisfying, compared to its predecessor, the whole "dragon king" case doesn't measure up to the intelligent reasoning required for a grave and ambitious scheme such as toppling over an entire nation, maybe it is because of a "young" detective Dee, not weathered enough yet. The freshly-recruited cast brings new and drop-dead gorgeous faces to the franchise (quintet of beauty,Chao, Feng, Lin, Kim and Angelababy in their prime appeal) , but they are all employed as chessmen to follow the procedure without any further digging into their personalities or plainly reduced to eye-candies. If one must pick the best from available, Carina Lau, majestically reprises her role as Empress Wu Zetian, years before the coronation, she already arbitrarily ministers the state affair behind the Emperor's throne. Stating the obvious, the franchise enjoys an ongoing and surging bankroll which will secure further follow-ups, one advise to the screenwriters, don't defame the word "detective", in addition to cook a feast for eyes and ears, our brains also need something palatable to feed on. Plus if the ultimate weapon to quell the monster is poisonous food, maybe we should all pray for the huddled mass in any rate.

Mike N (us) wrote: the story is as real as it gets and has great dead on performances.

Panta O (ca) wrote: This British (or if you prefer Welsh) independent musical about the trials of an idealistic drama teacher as she tries to put on the end of year show, was like a book of clichs put together. That was done by the writer Laurence Coriat and directed by Welsh director Marc Evans and stars Minnie Driver, Aneurin Barnard, Kimberley Nixon and Robert Pugh. The setting of the story is in a Welsh comprehensive school during the long hot summer of 1976, and very keen drama teacher Vivienne (Minnie Driver) fights sweltering heat and general teenage apathy to put on an end of year rock and roll musical version of Shakespeare's The Tempest (that David Bowie would be proud of). She has high expectations and to engage her students, she uses hits of the time, performed by a fresh young cast led by Davey (Aneurin Barnard). It has a good message wrapped in a pleasant, feel good movie shiny wrapper (kept for a while) directed like a giant kids puzzle where you explain every piece in details, giving kids the hint where to put it. But, I have to admit I enjoyed it because all that was very smoothly done and with enthusiasm and chemistry which could not be faked! Enjoyable.

Nick A (ru) wrote: To not break down emotionally during Aron's final camcorder confessional is to be among the world's most cynical robots. To not as he screams "I need help" after having made his escape from the canyon and noticed a family of hikers -- and over the wrenching bellows of Sigur Ros' "Festival" -- is to be dead.

David B (jp) wrote: Looking back, I'd say this is the worst out of the series so far. The beginning was very good and now we know what Hoffman is up to, it's Scott Patterson character (who was also in the fourth) trying find out what is going on and is on Hoffman's trail. Plus we get to find how and why Hoffman met up with Jigsaw. The traps are good but the film was too slow and some of the acting could've been better. Having said that, it is well written again. Although I knew what the twist was way before the end and didn't surprise me at all. Great beginning but the last 45 minutes dull. Nice way to end the film with the crushing wall scene though. Even the most die-hard of Saw fans won't credit how tedious, lame and pointless this fourth sequel manages to be, even though it does have some nice touches. The main problem with the film is like I said, it's very slow and when the scenes become dialog it's boring and almost puts the film to a halt. Though the worst in the series, it's still a chapter in the franchise and does explain a few things but eventually things must come to an end. The film does have it's moments but you have to watch it to know what's going on...if you've never seen the other four films, don't bother with this, however...it does continue the story but with few answers.

Robbie N (au) wrote: An egotistic Lil Bow Wow does his job pretty well in this rather predictable movie. Despite unspecific ending plots and a predictable story arch, Like Mike is an innocent and sometimes rather funny family movie, that kids will enjoy and teens or adults will... tolerate.

Christian C (au) wrote: Despite having a number of now-famous actors in it, Hackers is one of their earlier films and the acting is -- well, a hack job. Despite the bad makeup, there is nothing one can do to make a group of young twenty-somethings pass for 16 and 17 year old high school students -- nor did I see the point of setting the film in a high school. University students would have been more credible. The story is a bit stupid and it relies on an early home-PC audience not being very sophisticated in technology matters. (Some viewers may find this aspect of the film both nostalgic and hilarious -- who am I to judge?) Costumes were puzzling and distracting in their "edginess". (If that was even the goal?) The film is from 1995, but it had the 80's trash studio junk vibe. Still, it's a marginally fun movie that could be worth watching if you have nothing better to do or you're feeling too lazy to change the channel.

George B (ru) wrote: a light, entertaining buddy/on-the-road/motorcycle story.

Andrew L (nl) wrote: Dark, twisted black comedy, that keeps you wanting more of the brilliantly twisted Michael Keaton

(us) wrote: Couldn't make it through... so bad...

Tina S (de) wrote: James Bond, amateur shrink falls for crazy lady.

Private U (es) wrote: fresh new cast but didn't really like this one

Dacotah C (us) wrote: Full of consistantly campy funny irony, I enjoy this movie all along, right to the conclusive ending.

Antti Q (mx) wrote: Not able to offer her 'star' student feminist cooking classes the professor of feminist studies takes her and a chauvinist pig of a guide on a quest to locate the dreaded man eating piranha women of the avocado jungle of death and find out about the disastrous avocado shortage causing some national security concerns.Margo Hunt: "They're an ancient commune of feminists, so radical, so militant, so left of center they... they eat their men."Bunny: "Oh, that. Well, if I like a guy, I usually start at..."Margo Hunt: "They don't eat their men like that, Bunny."Perms, pastels and shoulder padded blazers, the usual attire of the wondrous 80s.