A story of a disaffected youth's search for love, status, and identity in late 1970s Britain. 18-year old Dean is handsome and bright, but feels hampered by his working-class background and by his family. In order to make something of himself, Dean assumes another identity and manages to enter high society. As he navigates this decadent new world, he meets a host of characters, including David, an older gay man who desires him, and Benjamin, a young hustler from Texas who has also managed to find a place among the aristocracy. Can Dean find love while living a lie? How much is he willing to sacrifice in order to pull off his charade? Presented through three simultaneous frames rather than one.

AKA is the story of a disaffected youth's search for love, status, and identity in late 1970s Britain. 18-year old Dean is handsome and bright, but feels hampered by his working-class ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Clarke D (gb) wrote: Really worthwhile watching, but not for the queasy or easily depressed. Gritty, engrossing drama with bravado performances that take you into a world too real. This movie is like reading a good book, and in it's own quiet way is rather charming, if difficult to watch because of its theme of suicide, drugs, and dysfunctional lives.

Jamie C (us) wrote: This was my first film I went to see at the cinema, I was 5, Anyway back then I thought it was great but now I'm older it's not that great, Kids will love it but that's it.

Craig H (us) wrote: Everyone once in a while, you end up watching a film that is so bad, you need a shower once it's over. "Pentathlon" is that movie. Arguably the biggest turd in the field of turds that is Dolph Lundgren(TM)s career, this 1994 entry has D as Eric Broger, East Germany's greatest hope in the Olympic pentathon (running, shooting, riding, swimming, fencing). His sadistic coach/Stasi officer Meuller (David Soul) prepares Broger to win gold, but after medaling, Broger defects to the United States mere months before the Berlin Wall comes down. Broger ends up out of the sport, deep in the bottle, and working as a fry cook at a Southern style diner owned by Creese (T.C. from "Magnum PI"). Meuller has hooked up with the neo-Nazi movement and hatches a plot to assassinate the German ambassador in Los Angeles at a peace rally, but not before beating Broger's father to death. Meanwhile, Broger, with Creese's help, gets himself back in shape so he can participate in the 1996 Games in Atlanta. Broger's old flame Julia also re-enters his life. Meuller refuses to go through with his assassination until he settles scores with Broger first. Chaos, understandably, ensues. There is NOTHING good about this movie. Lundgren is cast in a part that would be ideal for a man 15 years younger (he plays Broger like a goofy teenager) , and he, in typical fashion, is terrible. He also has the second most-painful-to-watch run, after Sylvester Stallone. But David Soul's performance is so bad, you can hear his career roll over, vomit, and then die. He plays his character like William Shatner with a vague German accent. This was directed by Bruce Malmuth, who gave us the brilliant "Nighthawks" several years earlier. This movie is the antithesis of that movie - a thriller without thrills, vitality, or sense. Woodchuck sez, "Completely avoid."

Deadly V (kr) wrote: Not as good as the original...but fun for a B-movie

Kevin R (es) wrote: Only fools are afraid of the grave. There are worse things. A group of diamond thieves head to Africa hoping to steal diamonds from a European ship that crashed some years ago. The thieves don't know the crew of the ship still resides in the waters protecting the diamonds. The residents of the African village are used to the zombies but the walking dead are new to our thieves. "Stop! You hit a man." "It's not a man. It's one of them." Edward Cahn, director of The Clown and the Kid, Incident in the Alley, Three Came to Kill, Vice Raid, Oklahoma Territory, The She-Creature, Girls in Prison, and Voodoo Woman, delivers Zombies of Mora Tau. The storyline for this picture is very interesting and it was interesting to see zombie killers rather than zombie man eaters. The acting was okay and the cast includes Gregg Palmer, Allison Hayes, Autumn Russell, and Joel Ashley. "I'm going to give you the only type of lesson you seem to understand." This was a movie that was recorded off Turner Classic Movie (TCM) instead of a movie that was scheduled to record (i.e. I DVR'd this film by accident). I actually found this film fairly entertaining and a surprisingly entertaining zombie picture. I definitely recommend this movie to fans of classic horror movies. "We all die in good time." Grade: B

NarniaPirateHobbit E (ag) wrote: MY FAVORITE...IT'S AMAZIN'! The Andrew Sisters are awesome!

Jon R (au) wrote: the first carry on film i saw and i loved it

Conrad T (de) wrote: Brilliantly performed by Ben Kingsley as Gandhi and no one can outperform him in my opinion. If the dialogues in the movies are really spoken by Gandhi, then he is really a very intelligent person. I could not see the British conspiracy giving independence to India while splitting it into 3 nations in the movie though. Only reluctance.

Greg S (nl) wrote: A British gangster goes on the lam and ends up hiding out with a hermit pop star (Mick Jagger) and his two girlfriends. There's a tremendous psychedelic scene, but it's pretty trippy even before Anita Eckberg sneaks amanita mushrooms into James Fox's salad; a confusing movie and not a great or profound one, but the 60s spirit of experimentation is even more intoxicating than the visuals.

Bill M (br) wrote: Another underrated gem in a career full of them by ever under-appreciated master filmmaker Joe Dante, he of Gremlins, Innerspace, The Burbs and Explorers to name but a few, in fact this is a sort of spiritual sequel to Gremlins, only with military microchipped toys terrorizing a small town instead. It's frequently inventive, loads of fun and has great effects plus the sly, lightly subversive and biting edge that Dante brings to his movies (this is a hugely anti military/anti-corporation movie that even rips into it's own Burger King promoted merchandising, biting the hand that feeds it as it were) It's also surprisingly violent and gleefully anarchic. A great film!

Jennifer T (de) wrote: Timber Falls is my favorite backwoods horror film. This movie was a mess. And what's with the title: Mother's Day? Once is enough for me on this movie.