Human fragility inspired by "Glass Menagerie"; an Anglo-Indian family in northern Kerala. Neil, a middle-aged writer, struggles with the story of his life, which he has promised to give to ...

Human fragility inspired by "Glass Menagerie"; an Anglo-Indian family in northern Kerala. Neil, a middle-aged writer, struggles with the story of his life, which he has promised to give to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael H (ru) wrote: Stylistically invigorating filmmaking that does more to resurrect the bejewelled corpse of the 'costume drama' then any film since Scorsese's electrified adaptation of 'The Age of Innocence.' In 'Gabrielle' Patrice Chereau is truly a revivifier. And like 'Age', every herky-jerk dolly, triple-jump-cut-dissolve filip and zestfull splash of text on the screen is expressively rooted in the characters roiling emotional subteranium and not just so much celluloid wankery. And Huppert and Greggory stab glass-shards of life to the dead souls of Conrad's more restrained short story. Easily Chereau's best film since 'Those Who Love Me...Take the Train' and easily the best film I saw in 2006 (for whatever that's worth).

Patrick F (gb) wrote: Fascinating, informative and frightening overview of the globally wreckless economic behavior of the world's most populous nation. Every voting citizen should see this film and urge their government leaders to act with prudent urgency.

Rose L (gb) wrote: I love it it's so dramatic

Kiran M (us) wrote: Kettle of shit. Was sorta funny when I watched it out at 8x fast forward speed though

Amber M (au) wrote: Assassin is BORING as HELL. First, the movie wastes about ten minutes on her fans talking about how great she is. Then she spends 3/4 of the time making weak political commentary that she could have gleaned from the one quarter-assed blog of your average college student. Then she throws in some random bullshit to try to gross us out so she can pretend she's offending the status quo. (PineSol pussy, really.) But then she recycles jokes from Revolution (and maybe even Notorious?) and makes them un-funny. She also stole a bit (and general paranoia) from Bill Hicks and, yes, made it less funny. Denis Leary already did that so that makes Margaret doubly un-original on this one. And how come on each DVD, she talks about GLBT people in ever-more stereotyped terms and is loved more and more by the GLBT community for it?I used to love Margaret Cho. If she could return to comedy and leave the controversial-but-not-really rhetoric behind, maybe I could love her again.

Sajib K (it) wrote: The story about how self-centeredness can lead to a catastrophy in a family where you need some real accidents to rejoin. Nicely told story backed up by serious performances.

Serena H (ru) wrote: I wasted an hour and a half on this rubbish, would have given up sooner if it were not for the veteran cast, unbelievably terrible acting from some terrific actors made this film even worse than if it had been a bunch of am dram's, at least they could have been forgiven! This is the worst film I have ever seen, and I've seen some stinkers! I actually would rate Hercules in New York as a much better film!

abdurahman m (us) wrote: you an't zleep babylove

rose r (kr) wrote: shes just a pussy running down the streets...!!!

Allan C (jp) wrote: It's not a very good movie, but I have a soft spot for this film. I'm a huge Fred Ward fan, so it's alway fun to see him get a lead role. And as much as I hate it when white actors play ethnic roles, Joel Grey is terrific as Chiun, even if he it something of a stereotype. Ward and Grey make a great unexpectedly hilarious comedy team. The action, particularly the fight scene, are exciting and well done my veteran James Bond director Guy Hamilton. I've also always liked the Jerry Goldsmith like score by Craig Safan. However, for all these hit, there are also quite a few misses, primarily the weak main storyline of an evil defense contractor and unconvincing romantic tension between Ward and military whistleblower Kate Mulgrew. It's definitely a mixed bag, but there is enough good to make this worth watching. I've always thought this film deserves a cult following.

Clay B (nl) wrote: THEY ONLY KILL THEIR MASTERS (1972)

Allan C (ag) wrote: Dark and gritty little western set in an isolated, stark snow-covered town that's taken over by Burl Ives' gang of outlaws. There are some interesting character dynamics as Robert Ryan tries to protect the townsfolk from the outlaws while engaged in a battle of wits with Ives, who is doing his best to maintain control of his drunk and lecherous gang. The film definitely has a unique look and Ives and Ryan give fine performances, but the story does drag at several points. Still, it's a western well worth watching.

Heather M (it) wrote: I am going to pass for now.

Drew N (kr) wrote: Patiently builds suspense and tension. While it is somewhat predictable, there is a constant feeling of unease and mystery that instills a cautious wonder and an urgent sense of worry regarding subtle changes in atmosphere.