Akasen tamanoi: Nukeraremasu

Akasen tamanoi: Nukeraremasu

It's the evening before the day all brothels must be shut-down, according to the new law, in 1958. At the Kofukuya's (literally, the house that sells happiness), five prostitutes decide to ...

It's the evening before the day all brothels must be shut-down, according to the new law, in 1958. At the Kofukuya's (literally, the house that sells happiness), five prostitutes decide to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul W (fr) wrote: Excellent! Highly recommended.

Nithin K (mx) wrote: Same old Ramsay tale in 3D.

Geo T (nl) wrote: The Help has great scenes and strong performances from all the cast that contribute to the film success. Add to that the film touching subject about U.S dark past. Overall, a great film.

Linda B (au) wrote: A chic, elegant and easy to follow film; although it didn't tell me anything new about Chanel's early life Beautiful cinematography and very effective subtitles throughout. Well worth watching.

Ashley M (ag) wrote: It's a really good movie with good acting and a good story I enjoyed watching it

Natalie M (it) wrote: Amazing film documenting the trials and tribulations of Terry Gilliam's Don Quixote production.

Jerry B (fr) wrote: This is a bad film with lots of good acting talent. The writers and director really dropped the ball with this one. The CGI alien in this looks slightly better than a cartoon. Terrible effects even for the year 2000. Skip this movie if you can.

Giulia C (ag) wrote: Un film incredibile, ricco di molteplici livelli interpretativi. Oso un po' nel definirlo, forse, il film pi complesso di Fellini, uno tra quelli dall'apparenza pi lineare e dall'essenza pi tortuosa. Da vedere e rivedere. 70 minuti soltanto per un Fellini politico, diverso, capace di uscire dai ragionamenti sull'Io e farsi critico delle dinamiche sociali, politiche e umane. Un'opera interessante a partire dalla metafora che tutto esaurisce: gli schemi, i termini e le azioni della musica, del fare musica, dell'essere nella musica, della partitura, del musicista stesso. E Fellini, si sa, la musica, non l'amava granch.

Kristi M (br) wrote: I guess I needed to watch this when it was new and had this movie to compare to others at the time. It's slow and there isn't a lot going on that would compel me to get attached to any of the characters. I found myself getting annoyed with the way it was filmed- I would have rather had more substance and dialogue with the the character building instead of all of the cut aways to birds and other random field creatures. Should I feel more sorry for the birds that died in this film? They had as much screen time as some of the actors and it felt like I was watching Nat Geo at times. Without the really odd narrative from the girl there wouldn't have been any cohesive movie at all. I'll stick with Gone With the Wind.

Tibor F (fr) wrote: Mg gy 40 v tvlatbl is sokkal szrakoztatbb volt, mint a pr vvel ezel?tti Washington-Travolta-Tony Scott tri ltal sszetkolt valami. Rated-R a kirly...

Joel A (ru) wrote: One of those films that you quickly see is not that classic you'd think it'd be, a real let down this was.Bogart was great but the story wasn't it just seemingly went nowhere, and written by Truman Capote you'd expect a bit more.Basically the story of an English Couple unintentionally spoiling some other mens plans to mine Ukraine from Africa. But the story never really got going & a lot was discussed but didn't happen.

Ruben Y (de) wrote: This is one of my favorite horror movies, the first time freaked me out. If you rated this low, I would have to question your intelligence, insanity or ability to scare.

Janet F (es) wrote: Excellent movie. George Strait is a beautiful person and this is a wholesome movie..we need more of these kind of movies.

Nancy P (au) wrote: Al Pacino still got it!

Maximiliano D (jp) wrote: Brilliantly raucous, deliriously dark and consistently hilarious, The World's End succeeds in all the same areas as Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, as well as many more. You'll be hard pushed to find a fault in the humour of the script and Edgar Wright is a contemporary comic genius, not to mention his ability to get the most out of his actors. The World's End has a great cast, lots of famous faces, and all of them will make you laugh at some point, whether it's the script, an idiosyncracy of a character or a quirk of the story. All in all, The World's End is solid British comedy, underlined by a biting parodic premise and ultra-realistic narrative. The third installment of the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy ends weirdly, but fans of Wright, Pegg and Frost, along with Cornetto novices, will find themselves suitably (mightily) entertained.