Al final del camino

Al final del camino


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Tom M (nl) wrote: brilliant gang film enjoy so much!!!!

Joseph K (kr) wrote: Frightening real look at life and how things are in North Korea. The famine there killed 3 million people in the 1990's while the few privileged live rich lives. Religion is not allowed - Christians, when found out are taken, tortured and murdered. This movie contrasts the brainwashed versus reality. Shocking. Just shocking... Kimjongilia is a flower bred in North Korea to honor Kim Jongil - quite ridiculous...

Jimena G (br) wrote: Having read the novel some years ago ( intense and disturbing) I wondered how the director was going to pull the adaptation through. It surprised me. Maybe too long, but Garcia Bernal manages to portray the dense atmosphere of the book... the last 20 minutes are weaker though. Also the lead actress is a bit over the top for my taste. All in all, a very good movie

Joseph N (us) wrote: Heart wrenching crude truths of the cruelty of the world's 3rd most profitable trade.

Garran J (kr) wrote: Definitely a Top 3/5 movie for me!

Hans J E (ca) wrote: Just a quick rating of a movie seen in the past.

Dillon L (ru) wrote: Holds up pretty good kinda gross in parts

Marie F (de) wrote: Great performances by Robert De Niro and Robert Duvall, but found the film a bit drawn out.

Joe A (nl) wrote: By today's standards Damnation Alley's got cheesy effects and heaps of 70s nostalgic charm. But, at the time, it was intended to be serious sci-fi joining other apocalyptic flicks of the era like Omega Man and Ultimate Warrior. Jan Michael Vincent was a rising young star in the 70s and George Peppard was still a top veteran actor. Alley is the story of a post atomic war America and the survival efforts of a group of military officers and some civilians they meet during their travels across country in armored vehicles called landmasters. During the film they encounter mutant rednecks, giant scorpions and flesh eating cockroaches as they try to reach the supposed uneffected city of Albany. Yes, it's campy by today's standards but, as a nostalgic example of 70s sci-fi, it's a lot of fun. And who doesn't like flesh eating cockroaches?...Sadly, Damnation Alley was outdated before it was even released as a little movie called "Star Wars" opened 5 months earlier and changed sci-fi and movies forever.

Private U (it) wrote: Sinatra really could act, bounced off fellow actors and shows 'main man' abilites many "stars" today can't. Also, makes us pine for the 60's framing and shot composition, VERY underrated...

Barry S (kr) wrote: Albert poop Decker, enough said lol

Adam R (us) wrote: A watchable romantic comedy even if the premise is absurd. John Cusack is annoying at times, but the movie is fairly entertaining. (First and only full viewing - December 2009)

Dan D (it) wrote: Doesn't really seem to go anywhere and when it does, it's just not too interesting but tries to pass it up for a particularly gory scene.