Al karnak

Al karnak


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1975
  • Language:Arabic
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:prison,   torture,   police,  

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Kaley S (fr) wrote: The concept is fairly close to the origional. But I love the colors and characters that fill this story.

qamar ia S (fr) wrote: Oh please, if you want to Punish someone, show this idiotic film to someone, I watched only 45 minutes and walked out, some stood up after 30min...

Matt S (gb) wrote: An somewhat improvement over the ludacris original that has some of the best executed death scenes in recent memory that is not for the squeamish but once again terror, real suspense, a concrete story and likable, believable characters and acting are absent. The killer will probably go down in history as one of the most bad ass, unrelenting killing machines with inventive weapons and methods in a slasher film to date but the movie itself doesn't do him justice. The acting again is very weak and close to what you see on the SyFy channel and the movie is just not that scary and is pretty predictable throughout but what makes it watchable is its high octane kills which is what is the only improvement it has over the original and without the gore it's nothing and with it it barely survives. Overall the ending gives way for a third installment but I just don't don't give a damn because the first two disappointed me and wasted my time and is just typical slasher shit like Hatchet but without the fun and no depth to make it remotely interesting or a standout and it sucks because the inventive killer Chromeskull deserves a better horror film than that and it's just routine. Skip it! 5.4 out of 10

Lenard K (kr) wrote: Disciple must find the reincarnated spirit of his recently deceased master Geshe La, the Lama Konchog. At times interesting, at times bureaucratically creepy, this film gives a look into the common every day practice of lamaist Buddhism.

Mark A (es) wrote: better than the first and great action. hope they make a third

Iga T (ag) wrote: I really prefer the book.

Traci P (it) wrote: Give it a try..rec. by Jenni

Jase N (mx) wrote: An earthquake-ravaged city of legends had fallen to the power if the monstrous Visorak. Now the heroes of Metru Nui, mutated into the bestial Toa Hordika, must race against time to save the Matoran from a terrible fate. But when their efforts bring them face-to-face with the most unexpected foe of all, will it mean their doom?

Bradley W (it) wrote: Underdog was a good old cartoon back in the day. It should have stayed that way.

Vicki G (de) wrote: I really liked the musical element to this film, but overall it suffered because of the high proportion of arsehole characters in it.

Theo W (gb) wrote: Meet the Robinsons brings out the quirk and imagination in all of us, even if the story isn't as even or funny as one might hope.

Matthew S (ag) wrote: Jah guide and protect I against all foe. Rockers' Rastafarian dialog provides insight into life as a musician in Jamaican culture. Featuring irie music by Burning Spear, Inner Cirlce, Maytones, and Peter Tosh.

Al K (it) wrote: An amazing movie with John Travolta, One that is worth watching

Ibraheem M (de) wrote: Not a bad family film, kids will enjoy it.

Adrian B (au) wrote: Mysterious, bizarre drama in which a bug collecting instructor (Eije Okada) heads into the sand dunes outside of Tokyo to do some research on the creatures within the region. There, he runs into some individuals that lure him into a sandy crevasse for which a lonely woman (Kyoko Kishida) lives and potentially find more bugs for his studies. Interestingly, when goes down the ladder and into the woman's shack, she clearly states that he is now under her and the villagers' control. He initially blows that statement off only discover he is indeed being held outside. Many attempts to escape throughout the course of the movie fail. To add to that, the man begins to fall for this secluded female. Very long film is surprisingly never boring, despite the fact that for the entire 147 minutes, it is taken place in virtually the same location. Very well photographed and quite interesting, even if this is odd tale. Sort of reminds of a Spanish film from 1962 called "The Exterminating Angel," but this is more serious. Japan loves to send such unique films into the world of cinema.

Reece L (ca) wrote: Acting on an outdated form of feminism, "Baby Face" still has enough racy thrills to be enjoyable despite its misguided sense of progressivism.

Matt C (ag) wrote: Rarely have I seen a movie as poorly written as this.

Philip E (ru) wrote: Kevin Bacon makes you wonder how far you would go for vengeance and to protect your family.

Brad H (au) wrote: THE VERDICT? I'd almost forgot about Nic Cage's unhinged, bad cop performance in this compelling TV-Movie style thriller. Clearly acted as the inspiration for his similar character in Bad Lieutenant Port of Call: New Orleans. I don't mind because both are great! An interesting style of direction, with long, panning shots that follow the characters around for several minutes at a time. There's also fun little screen gimmicks like it spliting in two and going over several different hotel rooms one after the other. The camera also acts as a first person view on several occasions. Very retro feeling. Otherwise this is a quite mundane conspiracy film which is great at times but spoilt at others by a poor pacing and a daft ending.