Al otro lado

Al otro lado

Three seperate stories of children from different places seeking to find their missing fathers.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:boy,   drowning,   girl,  

This drama features three stories about the bonds between children and absent parents. A Cuban boy who lives in poverty with his mother longs to visit his father in the United States... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Al otro lado torrent reviews

Clarissa C (es) wrote: a sad and so true documentary about schooling and education and then how some students fall thru the cracks...this is about a primarily autistic school and the problems their families face as they graduate high school and are pushed into the world.

maye (it) wrote: A child Anne that seems to be uttering words and behaving too unreal as a child, even as a character. The film is too mushy and has many inconsistencies.

Jonathan B (ru) wrote: picture yourself on the beach!

John T (br) wrote: Terrible cinematography/editing during fight sequences. They cut so fast and frequently to so many dizzying angles that the intent of sped up choas is lost to confusion and a headache. Otherwise, not bad...and yeah, a madmax ripoff, but still fun.

lavinia m (ag) wrote: Loved the Slam Poetry on this...the message is pretty good to!

Jon N (us) wrote: Even with this film being made in 2005 it feels like it was made in 1982 if that was the goal then well done! if not ....well from the start this film feels like it has been forced from the cheesey tom noonan intro and interuptions to the lame story and effects. This is not a b-movie but is trying very hard to b.

Kyle M (fr) wrote: An interesting, yet nerve racking direction with a clever humorous joke(s) and a good message about college makes this teen college film acceptable with a devastatingly desperate, silly atmosphere. (B)(Full review coming soon)

Fabriio B (nl) wrote: Interessante pellicola che ricalca il grazioso libro da cui tratto con fedelt ed ottima fotografia. Il ritmo forse non incalzante e porta avanti quella tradizione cinese di genere, ma il film risulta comunque gradevole. Ideale spaccato sull'effetto della politica di Mao nelle campagne sperdute e retrograde della Cina, storicamente accettabile.

Mitchell W (jp) wrote: Not on par with his legendary set at Monterey Pop, but still an excellent (if uneven) set with some spectacular moments.

Michael L (nl) wrote: hou's films are not typical cinema. it is far closer to bergman than anything else. it is atmospheric non-traditional and at times, intentionally slow. this film had no establishing shots and his camera was often very cramped. it is definetely a unique film stylistically and goes along with the feeling of decadence and drama with chinese courtesans and their lovers

Daniel V (au) wrote: No this movie is not good but it is wonderful! I have always been a huge Warwick Davis fan from Jedi to the Ewok movies and of course the seriously underrated Willow! I was so happy to see this movie in 1993, got a free comic book(which I still have!) as did my brother and cousins, then we preceded to all fall in love with Jennifer Aniston. It's because of this, I started watching Friends. Flipping through the channels one October evening I stopped on this show and yelled, "Hey! The cute funny girl from Leprechaun!!!" Who knew it would become my favorite show ever?! Anyway, this movie falls in in the so bad its good category. It's a ton of fun. Warwick is charming even when he's an evil little murdering mythical creature. Love ya WARWICK!

Kyle K (de) wrote: eh. nothing interesting. ex-con, blackmail & fighting. where's the interesting part?

Josh E (fr) wrote: Great followup to Maniac Cop. I enjoyed it just as much as the first one. I felt like they did a great just job of finishing out the story resolving around Cordell.

John D (jp) wrote: Altman and sci-fi? Not as mind-blowing an experience as you may think.

Stefanie R (fr) wrote: Though I'm not a big fan of tenor singers, it was a good solid story nonetheless =)

Tim S (it) wrote: Nine years after "Before Sunrise" we meet up again with Celine and Jesse after a chance meeting between them in Paris - an hour before Jesse is due to fly home to America. A lot has happened to both characters in 9 years but it doesn't take long for them to rediscover the connection they had so long ago. Shot in 'real time' so that for every minute you are watching, one minute also passes for them. This long-awaited sequel doesn't suck.

Zack B (kr) wrote: A stunning performance by Gwyneth Paltrow.