It focuses on maritime tragedy of the town and a forbidden love between Julha (Elsa Bela-Flor) and João Moço (Domingos Gonçalves), from different fisher castes, in a community where mixed-caste marriages were not allowed[1] and dating without parent's assent was seen as a disgrace to the family, not only in respect to women, but also men.

In a village of poor fishermen in the North of Portugal, João Moço and Julha fall in love. Unfortunately they belong to two different fisher castes and the community as well as their respective families condemn their love... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ala-Arriba! torrent reviews

Karla M (gb) wrote: me urge ver esta .............

Nick Y (ru) wrote: Only 1 star cuz of Chrissie Chau. Otherwise pretty much garbage

Arun N (au) wrote: good muvibut climax sux

Sam F (jp) wrote: best x-men movie ever!

SUSAN M (jp) wrote: It was so Real Life of to day ! She was so affectionate to those who need her company .I like how she manage her life & her thinking as well.

Robin W (ru) wrote: A touching and powerful WWII drama from Japanese perspective, directed by Clint Eastwood. One of the most important war dramas ever made.

Katarina I (kr) wrote: soo gross and pointless

Hiro P (nl) wrote: Amazing doc chronicling the birth of "punk" and beyond. Great footage of early bands like The Stooges, The NY Dolls, to The Ramones (my favorite), The Pistols, and of course, The Clash. But the list here is infinite. Wonderful interviews with journalists of the time, musicians, and poets. Anything you ever wanted to know about the "punk" movement is here. My only gripe is, where the F*** is Joy Division?btw, I think this music is more relevant than ever today. God save the queen? God save Bush, he's no human being. There is no future in America's dreaming.

Brian C (ag) wrote: Interesting art house movie with cannibals and sex. Pretty much sums it up. There is minimal dialogue and the story is told through bold visuals. Acting is ok, and the visuals are stunning. However, there is so much disconnect between the various characters it almost seems like they are in different movie altogether.Complaints aside, it is an interesting commentary on lust and the libido. with relation to sex, and primal urges, and food.

Kristie M (jp) wrote: zack and kelly get married .

Anna C (de) wrote: This australian movie is a patchwork of some others like Resident Evil, Pandorum, etc. Anyway it has something original and the results are quite good. It could also be the beginning of a new saga, but I think the leading actress is not enough impressive or charismatic.

Steve B (mx) wrote: Funny but not to be taken really seriously. This is Bava's own version of Agatha Christie's Ten Little Indians.

Joe C (it) wrote: An extraordinary, unrivalled, utterly cynical piece of Hollywood noir, as Tony Curtis' sleazoid press agent rubs up against Burt Lancaster's formidable J. J. Hunsecker, the Broadway columnist who can make or break careers. Ernest Lehmann was hired to adapt his own novella about the poisonous relationship between a publicist and a newspaper columnist, but fell ill during pre-production. Producer/star Burt Lancaster gambled on Clifford Odets, the left-wing playwright considered a wash-up after he'd testified at the House Committee on Un-American Activities. Odets located the dark heart of Lehmann's story and exaggerated it through diamond-cutting dialogue that sounds like the poetry of the Manhattan streets. Sweet Smell of Success boasts a top-notch cast, sharp direction, atmospheric cinematography, and an appropriately jazzy score, making it one of the best noir crime thrillers ever made.

Eric A (ru) wrote: The Mafia story is a really old saw, but Demme and his cast do their best to freshen it up with some gleefully silly line readings. Oliver Platt and Matthew Modine are wacky!

Ray J (ca) wrote: A great tear jerker and a must see for nostagia buffs.

miranda p (mx) wrote: loved it. I love Charlie Brown!!!