After a difficult romance in a class-divided society, the love birds find out marriage is not what they thought it would be.

After a difficult romance in a class-divided society, the love birds find out marriage is not what they thought it would be. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kristin M (nl) wrote: <333 zach gilford!!!

m n (jp) wrote: It was Ok filled with good performances, lagged in interest sometimes but overall was a decent watch

Jack W (kr) wrote: not a huge fan of thai cinema, but this was actually fairly decent.

Mitchell Z (jp) wrote: From the creators of South Park comes a comedic film that mocks the sports world and all its value. And it is absolutely hilarious. The concept is an interesting one and Parker and Stone create this game with humor and wit that just keeps on coming. Its an entertaining film full of laugh out loud moments.

Charmed F (br) wrote: Very Funny. I bought it and watched and I was very satisfied."Well for all the money you apid on your hair you'd think they could die it 1 color!"

Jessica G (it) wrote: Looove it! Jon Bon Jovi is too sweet here!

Ruben L (ru) wrote: Pretty much the same plot as other movie. Cool people diss the nerds, nerds get revenge! There were a few scenes that really touched. I fell in love with all these Nerds in the 80's and it was great catching up with them again!

D M (jp) wrote: Bruce Campbell and David Carradine star in this modern-day vampire flick. A small New Mexico town is home to vampires as they wish to become more mainstream and stop killing humans. Some in the town disagree and a vampire war ensues. Comedic w/ great scenery.

scott g (es) wrote: Clint eastwood early directing effort from the 70s, and while not starring this is a good film its entertaining and story always engageing, the two leads are very watchable. the divorced old man played by William holden, whos life looks up a bit when free spirit youngster Breezy again exellently played by kay lenz. a story about a unconventional romance and its consequences on each other, the film is touching at times and shows the relationship well.

Brian K (au) wrote: A poignant depiction of the samurai warrior class and a very dark critique of capitalism.

Timmy S (de) wrote: Extremely sweet and a pleasure to the ears, Going My Way is an example of classic Hollywood filmmaking with Bing Crosby at his dramatic best alongside Barry Fitzgerald who is too troubled to be ignored, this movie has embedded itself in the minds of contemporary society.

Alexander P (ag) wrote: Frighteningly ahead of its time. Rousing and extraordinary. 9/10.

Mago B (fr) wrote: Un ejercicio (intento) de terror penoso, que resalta sus carencias de presupuesto cada tanto, y cuya historia solo genera desinters, vergenza y apata, al igual que sus inspidos personajes.Cuando el mayor elemento de "terror" de tu pelcula puede ser reemplazado por "Corran que ah vienen los perros", creo que el problema comienza a ser radioactivo a alto grado.Sus nicas virtudes vendran a ser el fluido manejo de cmara y una iluminacin muy bien ejecutada.

Michael A (es) wrote: A kooky artist discovers the joys of painting with blood and goes on a murder spree..It's not bad just not very good.This reminded me a lot of the low budget Roger Corman movie A Bucket of Blood..that too delt with an artist that killed people for his "art"

Regina P (mx) wrote: This film was just as uneventful as that poor woman's marriage.

Eliabeth C (de) wrote: zZzZz..really was such a waste of time

Jackson P (de) wrote: Good but predictable

Sammy B (mx) wrote: i was surprised that this was a good movie