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Anna T (de) wrote: I thought some of the reviews were misleading. I found the film to be entertaining with some pretty funny parts. It's definitely worth a watch.

Philippe E (nl) wrote: Drision drisoire.

Anthony C (au) wrote: Funny and charming stop motion definitely worth a watch

Atul R (au) wrote: Boman Irani is too good. He is one of the talented actor. Minissha and Sammir Dattani also did good job. I liked the concept of the movie. Good movie and well acted. Ila Arun is also good.

Josh L (br) wrote: Yeah, I hear some good things...

aucena (au) wrote: me encanto est pelicula....

Brian K (jp) wrote: Has the unfortunate habit of being overbearing.

Hugh B (kr) wrote: The undressing of the travails of the Internatonal Monetary Fund.

Artan A (us) wrote: What happened to these kind of movies? What actually happened to a life like this? There used to be educated, well-behaved, easy going, understanding, and less demanding people that would not give up the good for a better, rather fully enjoy what is theirs..

Khurram A (ca) wrote: Someone once said There is nothing more frightening than a clown after midnight. This movie proves it...

Kevin M W (ru) wrote: "Everybody is a peeper, peeping on their neighbors", Hitchcock seemed to infer with the production of Rear Window, "wouldn't we be happier if we all could just admit it?" DePalma, looking to up the ante seems to ask further, "we all masturbate, couldn't we simply do it together?"

Richard D (ca) wrote: This really effective early slasher is quite unsung, especially compared to other Canadian slasher films of the same era. Michael Ironside is always an asset, and he dominates this film as the psychotic woman hater stalking Lee Grant after an early attack leaves her in the hospital. The film is basically a cat and mouse game between these two, but it's really tense and really effective. Shatner appears in a small role. He's okay, but it's really not his film.

Michael W (ag) wrote: Police are baffled continually when a serial killer decapitates students at an all-girl college. Maybe they could ask just one suspect to account for their whereabouts at certain times. More enjoyable than cramming for an exam but Rachel Ward's film debut offers little over other slasher films.

Jouni K (it) wrote: Quite weird movie from Holland.

Oliver B (gb) wrote: Bava at his weird best.

Thomas L (ca) wrote: How to describe this masterpiece? A southern hemisphere, spaggheti western version of Braveheart? That still doesn't seem to do this justice.

Michael G (br) wrote: Not so great. Relies heavily on psychology practices from over half a century ago which ultimately dates it.