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Marischa B (kr) wrote: This movie didn't do much for me. It's the story of another dysfunctional family, without much happening to make the family very interesting. I guess the theme is that no matter how rotten your Dad is, he's still your Dad, and can be loved and forgiven. I suppose that's true enough, as long as there are some good memories to outweigh the bad. But the Dad in this movie doesn't seem to have left too many good memories behind.I like Jeff Bridges on screen. He's made some very good movies ("Fearless" for instance), and some that didn't impress me much ("The Contender", "Sea Biscuit", "The Fisher King"), but no matter the quality of the film, he always seems to rise above the material. In this movie, he plays such a rotten piece of work - a self-centred, boozy, sleazy, loud-mouthed jock living in the past - that I started to see the less redeeming features of Bridges himself. Maybe that just proves what a good job he did.Justin Timberlake is OK, but he doesn't inject much life into his character. What the lovely Lucy (the totally gorgeous Kate Mara) sees in this sour, sulky, colourless character is beyond me. With her knowing grin, a flash of the eyes, a shake of the head, she makes it obvious that she understands this lot only too clearly. I felt like shouting "Run, Lucy, run! Don't get mixed up with these screw-ups! You can do better! Much better!" I could have added, but didn't, "Pick me!"Basically, I found the film bland and un-involving.

Brad S (gb) wrote: I was hoping for a deeper, more engaging story, but it was still a good look at one of the great 90's bands.

Andre L (de) wrote: To me, the story given here, is the definitive GL origin StoryWell worth the watch

Oliver N (fr) wrote: While undoubtably unoriginal and clearly copying from 'the masters of the genre' - like the Exorcist - The Possession packs a few punches in the form of strong lead performances, some genuine scares, and a relatively strong conclusion. Nothing revolutionary, but entertaining nonetheless.Verdict: B-

Tyler W (us) wrote: Venom With A Chicks Twist Lol!

Robin (fr) wrote: It's about a girl and her goats!! So I loved it.

Timm S (gb) wrote: A Cheap Feel To This Adds To How Lame Is That People Actually "Hang Out" At Malls Or Shopping Centres. Quite Laughable.

Phil K (kr) wrote: In Carpenter's top 5

Christopher W (ca) wrote: Not one of Sean Connery's better movies.

Paul D (nl) wrote: There is a strong and interesting set of characters for what is actually a more than just a murder mystery. It has good humour but also makes some subtle points about the industry it portrays.