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Panayiotis P (kr) wrote: I don't feel guilty with what I've just watched. I wanted to see a crapper just to pass time and I did. Now, I'm sitting here pondering... How can the person who wrote this not feel ashamed about the end product he produced? Those who financed in order to finish this french garbage, are they 100% sane? This movie, for me personally, was a confirmation of the society in which we live in, where idiots grow on trees and flourish by the day. The whole paradox with this movie was that it was a good production quality wise, meaning it wasn't cheap at all. Well, I killed some time watching this, apparently in a literal sense.

Dave J (nl) wrote: Friday, February 7, 2014 (2011) Collision Earth SCIENCE-FICTION One of those low-budget made-for-TV movies from the Sci-Fi Channel-now available for rental centering on a space ship called the USS Nautilus on a mission with it's crew keeping tabs on the planet Mercury. Except that it's breaking up into pieces as a result of absorbing too much sun. That in turn not only affects our solar system but it becomes devastating to the earth as many magnetic rocks are coming toward it, conveniently toward the city of Seattle, Washington. While Dr. James Preston is trying to impose "Project 7" which has something to do with protecting the Earth, his wife gets stranded in the Nautilus space ship. Second rate acting with low budget special-effects using obvious camera tricks that would've been affective had it been made during the 30's 40's and 50's when you would pretend that the ground is shaking by shaking the camera with the actors pretending that the ground is shaking and it really isn't. And whatever message this movie is trying to say is completely lost as a result of it. Bomb

Matthew S (gb) wrote: Wow. Keanu Reeves has made some bad movies, but this one takes the cake. The really odd thing about this movie is that, in concept, it should have been interesting. A day and a night in the life of three lost souls in New York City - two young and one middle-aged. All three are connected by what appears to be an escort service of some sort. Mark Mann's film is straining to be a continuation of the "mumble core" cinematic philosophy of realism mixed with life's odd transgressions. Sadly, it is just transgressive and pointless. I felt I deserved a cookie for getting through it without falling asleep. Bad, Keanu! Bad!

Kameron M (ag) wrote: Very well crafted look and tone, but a little too lite on the development.

Luke C (nl) wrote: Loved it so much, but too bad I liked Wall-E more ~

Ian R (mx) wrote: quite brilliant. pitches somewhere along the lines of Terrence Malick and Andrei Tarkovsky. Not a plot driven piece, this is a work of character and time and nature, with all the wonder and humour, strife and struggle, that these themes imply. Film of 2009 for me, so far.

Burcu S (fr) wrote: Rhys Ifans'i seviyrm ve ok tatliydi filmde. erkeklerle izlemeyin byle filmleri bikbik yapiyolar.

Lindsay W (ru) wrote: It's certainly fun to watch familiar actors jump from around every corner. If this had been a play, I think I would have loved it. But although the story is interesting, and spotlights a forgotten era in American history, I don't think it works as a movie. The narrative just doesn't pull together tight enough.

Jeff B (nl) wrote: Great performances, but the story itself failed to really excite me a lot of the time. It also sometimes jumped around in characters a lot, so that we saw just a little bit of every character instead of really going in depth with just a handful of them.

Anna P (mx) wrote: Wow what a trip.Beautiful music, great actors and lovely location.The story though, dude becomes obsessed with a photo of pretty lady, imagines/thinks himself back in time and then that ending?Gah, they lead me along with this gentle romance: they meet, tried to be kept apart but yes they are together! they hug and those lacy curtains and then...that WTF end?!(but daaaam, Reeve in that suit, mmhm)A star for the costumes and music.

Lee M (gb) wrote: A penetrating portrait of tortured, impotent masculinity and the foolishness of attempting to be something you're not.

Guy W (mx) wrote: One of Rollin's best! Great cinematography contains nude lesbian vampirism.

elliot d (kr) wrote: this is probably the greatest of the Doris Day-Rock Hudson comedies. Send Me No Flowers is one of the best comedies of the 1960s and it starred Doris Day and Rock Hudson,Tony Randall,Edward Andrews and the great Paul Lynde. a great comdey film from director Norman Jewison.

Lenny R (ru) wrote: Maybe I'm being over-generous with my mark, but while McBride's writing is not as consistently hilarious as that of, say, Rogen & Goldberg (the movie more or less just coasts on its concept - a medieval fantasy with dick and weed jokes - most of the time), and it's at times a bit disturbing to discover the sort of things he finds funny, he IS entertaining to watch as a performer, and there is a definite sense of fun throughout. The action scenes (in particular the carriage chase) are very well handled by Green, and the production design is great, effectively evoking the 80s films that served as inspiration, but never directly copying them. It's a loving homage with a comedic tone, rather than a spoof or a knock-off.Portman is just as committed to her role as any she's ever played, lifting everyone around her as a result. Franco just adds a bit of Pineapple Express's Saul to his Tristan, which works fine. Justin Theroux overacts constantly, but that's obviously the point, so it's not a problem. Jones, Dance, Hardiker and Lewis are all great. Zooey D is not particularly tested, but does OK as the damsel in distress. The romantic duet sung by her (beautifully) and Franco (terribly) is one of the film's more memorable scenes.While a lot of the jokes just aren't as funny as they could have been, the overall tone and look of the film stopped me from being completely turned off. It's definitely disappointing, but I can't hate it. A noble effort, one might say.